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    Yeh that’s what im going off the cm + temp dip. Still confused as to why my temps aint high like most peoples after they o :s.. And yes I ovulated 🙂 im really happy about that coz I was stressing abit about it.



    momfromcanada: Amen to that!



    Toomanyyrs/Sweetie2320– IKR! I think sometimes he just feels like he can do it own his own with no help..Stubborn!! I wonder if it might make them feel less manly or something to think they need help!! How do they think we feel? To hear the doctors say nothing is wrong with us, but still struggle… It’s getting ready to be three yrs of trying… My son is going to be 5 and in Kindergarden in August! It’s freaking crunch time.. LOL! He needs to just suck it up, shut up, and do whatever it takes until we get pregnant!! 😉 Sorry went a little crazy for a second
    :-D. I do want to surprise him and just Yell we’re finally preggers!! So if some sneaking has to be done then shall be it.. We had one miscarriage in 09 at 12weeks, and the look on his face when I told him we was pregnant was priceless.. I can’t wait to see that look again!! Even though it ended in disappointment. I’m not giving up.



    Thanks a bunch Precious! That’s so sweet of you! I hope you are feeling FANTABULOUS!! =D And I agree with the rest of you…ONE of us needs to get a BFP!! I would feel so much better if someone does! Been doing my OPK for the last three days…it seems weird to share a picture, but…I’m going to anyways! I know I never mind looking at everyone elses OPK or HPT!! =) I LOVE being able to SEE what my body isn’t telling me!! I hardly have any O pains like I normally do…so this is a HUGE comfort to me! DH and I BD lastnight, gunna catch him again tomorrow before he leaves for work too 😉 Today would have been my Mom’s birthday – hoping she will send some luck down from up above since it looks as though I will be Oing today! AF will be due for the 26-27th, so NO testing for me until the 28th for sure! Omg it’s sooooooooo far away!!



    Haha LC . Iv neveer even changed a boys nappy, aw I just want another baby to learn everything all over again. I can’t wait . I just called my local day care, its $4 an hour and tuesday and thursday. I might start taking her thursdays starting from next week aw ill be so scared ill cry haha



    loraclacey-I got a BFP with my daughter on day six of missed AF. I even got a BFN the day before my BFP. I really hope this is it for you. Congratulations happy2bme!



    Hi Ladies….. I’m after a little help here? DH and myself have been TTC for 22 months now… With no joy… I have tried the OPK’s and so on.
    This month though i’m still waiting on my AF to arrive.. My LMP was 24th September And my Cycle is normally 28-31 days. I have tried a HPT (Cheap one) and it have come up negative. I have no signs of my AF coming either I normally have sore boobs and cramps for up to a week before AF. Should I leave it a few days then retest?


    Cell phone isn’t picking them up.. felt like a complete idiot taking the pictures too. I’m going to go pick up a real box of pregnancy test.. we are already spending this much money on trying to have a baby.. whats another $20???? =/ sorry guys.



    Grrrrrrrrr.. i’ve had no internet for almost 5 days! I have missed you ladies 🙂 Have i missed any BFP’s? 9dpo for me anyone around the same?. Yesterday i had some dark brown discharge?? I always thought implantation was red? Not sure whether to get excited about that or not. AF is due this saturday so will test then if a no show .


    OKAY TMI RIGHT HERE!–I just had to go to the bathroom and experienced ‘blackish’ diarrhea. I have NEVER had this before. About an hour or so ago I had Welch’s purple grape juice. Not sure if it’s the juice or what. Just has me worried a bit, as of right now I do not know if I am pregnant or not. BFN tests, AF due on Friday. Any thoughts?



    i knw but it just makes ya wonder if some ppl would get offended by pregnant ladies hovering around here



    I guess I should also add that the ‘positive-looking’ line was VERY faint and almost un-noticeable except that it is indeed blue….I read that any positive, light or dark, means positive. But I also read that cheaper store brand tests can create a false-positive looking test after the results dry out



    well half of the line IS darker then the other half but both halfs are the same as the control and one was darker



    #sadface# so I cracked and tested tonight…BFN!!! :(….hubby so happy….and me?…so disappointed actually 🙁 oh well, we’ll wait and see if AF shows up in the next week or so and if nt, I’ll test again…lotsa love ladies!



    Hi – cocoluv how are you doing?

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