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    getting a little frustrated. i already got my bfn so af should be here right now but no signs at all! ??? the sooner af gets here the sooner it will be over and i can get back to bd



    Best place to get inexpensive but good pregnancy tests?



    bean i would say u need to go and do a test RIGHT NOW! lol sounding good for you 🙂 gl



    TaraLynnnn-I totally agree that everything happens for a reason and that things will happen in their own time (as completely frustrating and annoying as that is!) I’m sorry that you went through that experience, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you. How great would it be though if your sister’s prediction came true!!! Good Luck tomorrow.



    Congrats on the BFPs girls….young mum I don’t think it is weird that you are upset by that lady…I know that I would be!!!!



    So…turns out the calculations on my phone app were(most likely) wrong. I’m trying SO hard to not to calculate because I so badly want to try and stop obsessing over my cycle(for me it just makes AF time that much more depressing) so it said I’m due to O today but my O pain came on the 7th and ewcm was on the 5th and 6th so I KNOW I ovulated on the 7th. Lucky for me I had told myself we would BD every other day so late night/early morning on the 6th and the 8th we BD. hopefully the fact that I was a) not aware my calculations were wrong and b) it didn’t feel very scheduled like the last couple cycles helps bring a BFP. Really not counting on it tho. I’m pretty convinced this is going to be a long road. If it doesn’t happen this month DH says he’s going to get a full examination to see if there is anything on his end not working the way it should be, since we know I am able to get pregnant. But I think I’m gunna get checked out too just in case. Ether way, after this month we will have some answers!!



    thanx girls..i am one ‘excitedmummy’ to be ;()))
    ::::::********baby dust spinkled alll over))))



    luv2teach -Ive used preseed before. I think it is extremely overpriced!! It’s definitely some slippery stuff and not harmful to sperm so it has it’s benefits. I didn’t conceive with it though, so other than wet slippery supper happy hubby slide off the sheets sex, it dint help me get a bfp,lol. To each his own though:)…taralynnnn- Sorry AF showed up, unwelcomed, uninvited and annoyingly as predicted…I see lots in the TWW! FX you all start another wave of BFP’s!…Amanda42986- Google is NOT your friend when pregnant!!! Your numbers are fine though. My cousins was 151 at 4 weeks and doubled to 480 within 48 hrs. She delivered a perfectly healthy boy:) It’s also been noted that lower HCG levels usually occur with boys, higher with girls and even higher with multiples, hence why you saw a 1710, chances are that is where they pulled that number from. I would be worried if you were in the 20 or less range. Try not to stress♥ and FYI, on my page, under latest blogs, about halfway own is one called HCG info. It explains a lot of interesting things about HCG and the numbers:)



    I Just realized my af is due on april fools day what a cruel joke.



    Yip! My username is 08/09 was “” Lets see if we can go for the hatrick ;] I’ll do a FRER too then… !



    praying- even though it is blurry, it looks pos to me. I would use the pre-seed and BD again for the next few days if you and DH are up to it. Keep using the OPK’s as it may still go darker if you haven’t hit your peak yet. Good luck!! We will be testing buddies :))))


    Not much happening right how. I am 5DPO. Just waiting to see what happens!



    precious, if you have been ttc and not had your period since may, and you have not tested for pg yet ..i dont get it? if your ttc and your period islate normally that is when you would test as you would like to know so you can provide the best care possible for you baby. If you are pg you may have been eating or doing things that you should be avoiding whilst pg…i’m sorry i just dont understand how you could not have tested by now or gone to see the dr..its november. may was 6 months ago??? is your belly getting bigger? do you normally go months at a time without a period?



    5 days til af will be here currently on 8dpo n my bbt has dropped even more than it did yesterday well below my cover line 🙁 af may be making an early appearance this week 🙁 best of luck to everyone else xxx



    need2 – I think you should go to your doctor for a blood test at this point just so you know for sure either way.

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