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    Waiting-for-my-angel~ You should def. POAS and I think you’ll get the result you want. Are your cycles pretty regular?



    no, OPKs are for urine. I want to have my own blood test kit for HCG (like the doc use).



    Is watery CM fertile? Or is it only EWCM that is considered fertile? I am new to all this and a bit confused lol 🙂



    hey ladies. I know I haven’t been on here lately. I’ve been busey with work crap. I’m still taking my 400mcg of Folic Acid and taking my temps. my temps are all over the place. anywho talk to you lovely ladies tomorrow. Good night



    i’m reading it now =D thanks so much, it is really helpful *hugs* should make things alot easier for me to track ovulation now =)



    af is due today or tomorrow, hopefully she will stay away and i’ll get a BFP!!!


    Girls i was just wondering this… i have Egg white mucus… really really stretchy.. its day 13 of my cycle… only just discovered it by going to the toilet.. i have been taking Ovulation tests but they have been negative… this is only the 2nd time in 9 months i have seen Egg white mucus in my cycle … should i Bd??? xx



    Ashley – thats a very good question! I have tried to research it but all I can tell you is our bodies are all different and behave slightly differently… which is no help at all I know! have you tried an OPK? I couldn’t tell last month if I had ovulated either so I am using OPK’s this month and its alot easier! pk so no I can’t really help you! sorry!



    Hey ladies – just back from my HSG, and preliminary results are good! There is some narrowing of my left tube (I expected that, and may be why I had the ectopic on that side, as there does not seem to be as much as much ‘suction’ through that tube to my uterus. No big shock with the revelation I have a tilted uterus (knew that) but my right side looks GREAT and I have five developing follicles – the dominant looking one is on my right side 🙂 I should ovulate in a week or so, and everything looks nice and clear. YAY!! I go back to my OB in two weeks for my CD 3 and 21 blood results, also my full report on the HSG. We will then talk next steps if it is to be femera or Clomid, or just keep trying. I am a HAPPY girl today!



    Carnation, Congratulations on your BFP!!!! That’s wonderful news!! Every now and then, check back in the TTC area to give us an update on how things are going with you and your little one(s).


    AF is here finally! I stopped taking my birth control on Tuesday. Hopefully my cycles won’t take long to regulate and we can officially start trying! One more step in the right direction!



    I hope everyone is doing very well today!! I finally got a true (yes I did it right this time hehe) positive OPK yesterday so hubby is quite happy!


    Thanks girls. I will let you know how it goes.



    no!!! your with child lol



    How early before AF can u test??? My last 2 pregnancy i was a few weeks into pregnancy when i tested but id like to know when the earliest (and most accurate) result will be before AF arrives?

Viewing 15 posts - 98,716 through 98,730 (of 131,346 total)

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