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    just got a call from melbourne with my blood results…..E2 was 1960 Progesterone 98.4 and HCG is 61….gotta have a blood test next week to check that the levels are going up nicely…I am completely over joyed…………YAY!!! Alicia you have ovulated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Thanks ladies! I did have cramps with my kids but I don’t remember when. Will just have to wait and see.



    Hi Ladies, I have a ‘What do you think?’ question. I ovulated on Tuesday thanks to clomid and today I felt like I was getting a period. So, Why do you think that is?



    Coco: I live in the USA. I’m just saying I wish more people knew about what they should be taking even before conception.



    since we already know hubby has a very low sperm count were calling his dr tomorrow to see what we need to do , curious as to what they will say. anyone know what they do when its hubby with low sperm count



    I jsut got 20 from early pregnancy tests for 16 bucks.






    I am at 15DPO and getting slight cramping. I caved today and took an OPK which was negative. I don’t think I will be doing anymore of them this month. I am trying really hard to take things easy and not get too stressed out about TTC. I really don’t want to go overboard with counting down the days of my TWW. It is just too hard. Especially since I am a chronic tester (even when we weren’t really trying). But I’m still hoping that this is my month. My E.D.D. would be Dec. 18 which is pretty close to Christmas (My DS was due Dec. 15 which worked out well in the end). After this I might take a break and TTC again in a few months so we don’t have a flood of birthdays and holidays all at once.



    she is an indoor cat and yeah I treat her like my child. lol. When I first got her at 6wks I used to lay her on her back in my arms and walk around with her like that. So now if I don’t do it even once a day I hear about it lol.



    4dpo I am increasingly tired (but that could be due to me working night shift.) and I have horrible ovulation type of pain…. keeping fingers crossed. I also broke out crazy on 1dpo and the pimples are all still there….



    hey ladies ! what a glorious day it was here in ne melb today!! we spent the day in the garden – beautiful. isn’t it nice to be supported by our SO ‘s? (and nice to know sometimes they are actually listening when we speak!) im cd 14 and we have bd’d cd 12 and cd14 so far ( and a few practise shots earlier in the mth.)



    Im still showing a positive on my OPK’s. CD13 here. Last month I O’d on cd11! So I am happy to see I am finally back on track after the bc pills have left my system…hopefully, FX anyways. Bought some more OPK’s/hpt’s this morning. Couldnt resist and I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to poas,lol. Id ike to say I wasted my money and this month will end the need for them:)



    Aw I hope ds gets better soon.. Na I havnt tested since yesterday got no tests 🙁



    maybebaby4- AF is due May 5th for me, but Im the last person you want for moral support in holding out poas,lol! Ever since I got my new stash in the mail Ive been peeing on one a day since last week. So if you give in during those looong 6 days, I will be here for ya:)…loraclacey- Im so sorry this is turning into such a drawn out ordeal for you in the terms of getting a straight answer or direction…



    Yeah, I’ll take my bfp any time now too, thank you! 🙂 I don’t care if I give birth on the hottest day of the year! I’m planning on being inside 99% of the time anyway and I’ll just crank my a/c if it’s really hot.

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