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    Ugh im at home feeling miserable!! im still in pain althought not as bad as last night but still painful to move and when i sit its tender idk im thinking i do have a cyst and im making an apt for the end of the week so hopefully AF is gone by then! Im bummed cause the house wants a co signer so we wont be getting it. Our family is not nice to us unless they get something out of it so im just bummed. :((


    im in the 2ww but only 2dpo so nothing yet – but im gona try and forget about symptoms this month anyways



    kellyg~~I guess I should have read further before asking, oops!! Good luck!!



    Congrats Sarah. Looks like a bfp to me


    Lisa..the first time I herd of it was here too. I guess it just depends on the dr. I’m hoping this appt will not just me paying a dr to tell me stuff I already know!! I’m curious what the first steps will be to help me shorten my cycles and conceive.. My estrogen and progesterone were checked already with my primary dr so thats why she’s referring me to a OB because she can’t really pin point the long cycles although it may be from a cyst on ONE of my ovaries but DOESN’T ovulation switch ovaries every month???


    cherry i have preseed on watch on ebay lol – incase we are not lucky this month


    sjmommy-seems like we are all crossing everything and we don’t have any patience! I am pretty sure there was a convo on here yesterday about patience haha



    Haha all I used for pain relief was gas and air but boy was it great!!! I was sky high and actually happy to be in labour – well I was ten days overdue. I was actually given a supositry and sent off to the loo I remember quiet clearly being sat on the loo singing and talking to myself hahaha so I dont remember actually pooping during labour – but for all I know I could have done I was too high to care lol



    Congrats to all the BFP’s!!!! Us BFN’s will follow soon!!! Hope you all have a great night!!


    im not too bad apart from my bbs they are so annoying they are just rock solid : ( – i still feel tired even thou i slept for 10 hrs last night lol – my fiance redid his sperm count test today so we should have the results wed/thurs – how are u cpalmer?



    OK ya I know i could not help it but im 9DPO and i took two test one was from the dollar store and it was a BFN and then took a EPT early one and it was a BFN 🙁 Im hopeing its just to early cuz im really hoping this is my month!



    Oh Jas, I wish I could say it went well, but I have been through the TTC wringer. I have had chemical pregnancies, a blighted ovum, and an ectopic pregnancy. I’ve learned much about some medical issues I have that may have been hindering my pregnancies, and though it was rough, I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I will have a successful pregnancy soon 🙂


    ok so this is probably a little off topic but i found it interesting…i just read on think) that women who were carrying a male fetus took longer to get a + HPT because of the levels of hcg. women carrying a female fetus got the + a lot faster! i only have a DS and it was true for me…it took a long time for the BFP! i don’t know how true this is because all pregnancies and women are different just thought it was interesting!



    Funny story- my DH cranium desktop calendar for today was a fill in the blanks. The clue was ‘dad’s due’ the answer was paternity leave! haha! Good karma i hope!



    no I don’t temp.

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