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    Hey everyone. Think I might be out for this month 🙁 My temp dipped this morning (although not below the cover line). I had some brownish spotting this morning as well. I just feel weird. If AF doesn’t show up today, I will test tomorrow, but I don’t know if that’ll be necessary or not.



    Diane- i went to see Corey Smith. He mainly plays in the south. He is awesome. Country/Rock. He mostly plays at bars and on campus.


    So excited!! SO and I have decided to start TTC. We fell pregnant the first time by accident. Hoping #2 won’t take long to concieve.



    Its 4am here and I tested at 1am cuz I really had to pee and the result was BFN. AF is due 2marrow and my temp dropped from a 98.36 to a 98.15. Maybe I’m not having a 29 day cycle thos time around cuz I am 10DPO….my cycles are irregular and my luteal phases are not the same everytime



    iv had mega itchy legs for like 3 days now :/



    KMarieH, yeah, i know how you feel. I’m still in my first month after MC tho – I haven’t had my period yet. I’m still a bit sad about the loss, but at the same time, I also really miss being pregnant, and this is what I really want. Hope all goes well with you



    Hey everyone 🙂 this is my 2nd month of trying and I’m currently 12dpo and been having cramps on/off for a week or so and hadsome pink bleeding on Thursday evening, I’m always regular and normally cramp the day of af!! I’ve done a test but nothing :/ I have sore bbs, cramps, weeing alot, hungry allllllll te time, headaches but I’ve never been pg before so have no idea what it supposed to feel like, the cramps are not as bad as my af pains but still uncomfortable!! Im due for af on 4th so going to leave it till then to test, KMFX for all you ladies trying 🙂



    my cycle is 31 days i am 14 days over done 3 tests all negative got bad back pain headaches boobs started hurting today and over 3 weeks got BAD stretch marks on my tummy from nowhere really odd



    ladies i think i may have started my af but it been really light reddy/browny mucusy show. Am still praying to god tht it is implantion bleed, but then it may even be old blood coming out. Am sooo confused…any ideas?


    Sparky I am going through the exact same thing!!! All I know to do is take a test is 2 weeks, I have been researching the spotting start period/stop period/start again and it really seems to be a 50/50 chance of being preg or weirdo period. So frustrating!?!?!?! I have never had one this off and on.



    CassieBaby Af due on the 14th, but i know myself will test a day before maybe the 13th :)..i also ovulated late so i think AF will arrive on the 17th or 18th. i hope she wont show up..



    Mommy2 – I would test the day AF is due… or if you want to test early, 10 days after the day you think you ovulated. GOOD LUCK!



    So I STILL haven’t started my period but the pregnancy I took an hour ago came up negative…Guess I’ll give it another day or two?



    Hey ladies! Today is CD11, yesterday is the day I should’ve gotten my positive OPK, but I didnt, and that’s all because I probabl tested at the wrong time of day. My test on Friday was a light test line, yesterday’s first test was darker, but not quite dark enough to be a positive (unless I looke at it now) and yesterday’s second test was just as faint as Friday’s, so I know I’ve had my LH surge as the line went lighter, but we didn’t BD last night – long story – so hopefully Friday night did the trick. Might BD tonight, might not. I think I’ll have more heart to try harder next cycle. Hope you are all doing well ladies.


    Member having loads of tugging type feelings down low today..all the way across my lower abdo. and a ‘full’ feeling.

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