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    Thanks Diane!! ur very helpful! I hope i get that BFP!! Baby dust to every1! gosh im anxious just not knowing!


    Hey ladies just dropping in I still haven’t gotten my period. I was due 9days ago…I took a hpt. A couple times before it was due and I got negatives…I started exercising a lot lately so I figured that’s what threw my period off…I sometimes feel. Funny in my stomach not cramps but more of a warmness tingly….feeling lol. I can’t remember if this how I felt during my first pregnancy..oh well I’m going to take a test on friday if I still haven’t gotten a my period…I’m really ok either way it goes..but if I’m not pregant I want my period to come asap I hate waiting on it to arrive



    HAHAHA!! Yay – Comedy hour in the forum!!



    Cd8 for me, last cycle was 49 long days. How is everyone xx



    Oh coco thats horrible! We had a staffy when I was little, and she strangled herself and my dad still has her collar aswell!! Well I personally have never sen anything dead before, + tahlia so it happen so it was very disturbing for me especially becoz we loved her, the only time iv ever seen my partner cry that much was when our mate dead a couple years ago.



    Well tested this morn and got a BFN but still no AF yet. Not totally bummed yet as I still have a chance a AF hasn’t showed. Don’t have any AF symptoms at all and I’m always dead on time so I will just wait and see how I go.



    Yeh I was curious about that to.. Just like if I had of gotten pregnant b4 my op in july I would of needed my op but of course I didnt



    goingfornumber3- when i first had my iud removed I started bleeding 2 days after and it went from spotting to heavy but only lasted a couple days. then I had my first period almost a month later but everyone is different


    @ Mommy – I started this cycle charting O with FF calendar which set O day as Thurs 12th. We started BDing the sunday before this every other day. Using my OPKs (chepo ones) I didnt detect O, using clearblue digi, I got my positive O smiley on Monday morning (16th) We had BD on sunday (15th) but just for good measure we BD again monday night. Tuesday morning my digi OPK was negative…SO, in total, we BD about 7 times this cycle all within about 10 days….got pretty fed up BDing TBH but hey, if we caught that little eggy it will have been worth it haha



    Ok!! Now I am suppose to get my AF today as my last was on 1st july. Having cramps and back ache fore 4-5 days now and swinging emotionally and eatting all the wrong stuff as if my harmones are at war with me ………………………….. but i have just one babydance on 26th (also 26th day) so it is most likely the AF simptoms and not pregoo …………….. but AF should show up by tomorrow otherwise i wouldn’t know how to calculate my cycle as AF is always 2/3 days early or late …………………………. betsy-mae x: i am kinda in the same boat with you ……………… hand in there dear



    my chest is SO achey today, unlike anything, I think it’s an AF sign, but it’s never hurt this much, I wonder if that means that my cycles are just getting back to completely natural. Though with a m/c last cycle, I don’t know. Ugh, I hate this game.


    Hello ladies well we have been trying for 8 months now and still no luck… on CD27 i really dont feel any symptoms af is due sept 1st so idk how to feel im just not understanding why this isnt happening for us… so now that its not happening on its own whats the next step?Are their any other options?what can i do or take to become pregnant since the opk and bding all day every day isnt working!HE WANTS THIS SOOOOO BAD AND SO DO I WE REALLY WANT OUR LIL BLESSING….congrats BFP’S



    hoping – im sorry hun



    Iam so excited to say that we are officially ttc! In the past it has not taken me long at all to get preggo but I was younger n my hubby was not taking meds but he is now bcause of a heart condition. With all that being said Im nervous that the meds might have affected his sperm n it take us a while to get preggo if it happens at all. Anyway, regardless Iwill continue to praise God and thank him daily for the three healthy babies He has already blessed me with!

    The last couple of months though af has been cruel to me and tricked me into thinkin i was preg only to bleed a couple days later. So my plan is to relax and let God do His thing. But of course Im hoping this is my month 🙂

    Good luck to all ttc!!



    i agree with you leah this is a very sensitive subjest for the women on this forum and the fact someone would post something like that is kind of like a slap in the face to us who are ttc.

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