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    I thought it might


    Since AF is due on Tuesday I decided to test. BFN! 🙁 I was really hoping that this was the month. I might have to take a couple of months off because my son’s birthday is in December and I don’t want their birthdays to be so close together. It would also be nice to not have another child so close to Christmas. Need to think if we want to try for one more month!



    cd 13 for me today, i have had lots of ewcm these past two days, does that mean i have ovulated or are going to ovulate?, sorry i have never taken any notice of all this before lol, also i have some 10mIU hpts so how soon after ovulating would i be able to test with those? tia xx


    I do have a question. I had pink spotting in one wipe a week ago today.. Have any of you mommies had that and resulted in a BFP… or a BFN? How long after did you get your BFP OR AF? What was your result? I ovulated the Thursday before the spotting so like 6 days before, any ideas?



    also, What things can I do to increase my chances of conception if my bloodwork is fine and I use OPKs and my cycle is pretty exact every month? I should be a pro since it took us a while with my last and I researched everything, but I feel like we can do more to increase our chances.

    should I take robitussin? I bought preseed but scared to use it. My husband takes prostate herbal supplements and I lowered my caffeine to one cup a day and am on an organic pesco-ovo vegan diet to lower my intake of hormones and chemicals. Any other suggestions?



    Rolos and braylons- maybe we can be testing buddies!! That would be awesome!!



    OK so AF is due Friday/Saturday…feeling nasuas/fatigue/irratable/sleeplessness for about 3 days..just like with DD. I have taken 3 test all negative…I feel like I am making these symptoms up. Anyone else feel like some months you have phantom symptoms?


    Don’t worry. I only BD Thursday night, Saturday night, and sunday night I believe. I think I’d on Friday night too.



    CONGRATS ALICIA!!! i was a little unsure with your chart but that is SOOOOOO good that he has confirmed the big O!!!! YAY praying fo ryour BFP!!! Woohoo!! And duffy Congrats on blood confirmation and nice levels girl!! lets hope they move up and up nicely for you!!! ;)))



    heading off to dr.s to see what’s up and if not pg to hopefully get clomid. if she wont’ give me clomid I’m gonna try soy isoflavones and a few other natural things this cycle.. we’ll see..



    Hi laurajean 🙂 thanks for the kind words hun. I’m doing alright – I am so confident that in early November I will be starting the medication I need to help me stay pregnant (getting pregnant is noooo problem – if hubby looks at me with love in his eyes I seem to get pregnant). As for your cramps, it seems that cramps and even spotting can come with the Clomid territory based on past posts here from those gals whp have been on Clomid. It’s good that you have some sensation of stuff happening down there – it may mean you had a strong ovulation and your follicle is producing lots of progesterone. All the best for testing next week!!



    @loraclacey- I am having the EXACT same symptoms, how many DPO are you? Would anyone mind looking at my chart??? Any interpretations of it would be AMAZINGLY helpful…I know it is missing a lot but if you can gather any info from it, that would be great….DO you think it looks triphastic??? (posted on my profile)



    And as far as the gas and bm’s, I would think that’s probably unrelated and was probably something you ate. Keep in mind you’re much more susceptible to foodborne illnesses when pregnant!






    Na the PID wasn’t from having tahlia, they don’t know what caused it she said I could of had it before I had tahlia I started getting sick when she about 3 months old and had my first op when she was 4 months and my 2nd in july just gone so we could get the all clear to ttc as she told me last year I couldn’t get pregnant I was only 17. . THAT’S why I didn’t want a girl haha I spend so much one clothes for tahlia I can’t go into a shop without seing something cute and pink to buy her haha im glad I had a girl but she’s my best friend. But if we have a little man he will be to 🙂

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