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    I get frustrated when I hear doctors refusing to help until the 1 year mark (or beyond), or saying ‘well, you’re young’ … maybe we want to start another career once our kids are raised, and we don’t want to be 65 while doing it… maybe we feel our kids will feel closer to each other if they are closer in development and age… maybe our friends are having kids and we want our kids to fit into that social circle…. I know we can’t force the schedule, and we have to give it some time to let nature (and whatever other forces you may believe in) take its course… but when we have enough evidence gathered that we may need a little help, and BOOM you get shut down by a doctor who wants you to wait… SO frustrating… My cousin is 23, was TTC for three years, and her doctor REFUSED to send her to a specialist citing ‘she was too young’ … guess who found a new doctor the next day. Anyway, that’s my rant!!! lol, Clayli has heard me rant about this before ; )



    mrstranum – this is my first month using OPKs so im not 100% but i thought u only got a pos for a couple of days then wen O came they went neg… might jst be that u have a bigger longer surge though, at least u know u r defo Oing…:)



    Hey everyone…just got back from the hospital and everything looks good, my hcg levels are already less than 15mlU so im expectin things to be back to normal by the weekend…the bleeding has already almost stopped so im hopin me and hubby can just relax and enjoy our wknd together



    ducky-im also just starting the 2ww…3 dpo here



    lol easter ‘eggs’ lol



    jj-same here



    Life never makes things easy huh Kathy….lol



    Ducky havent even told DH he would just think I had a problem lol xxx



    Hello ladies, i am trying for baby number 2! I was on this website all through my first pregnancy and i love it. lol I wanted to wish everyone good luck!!


    CD3 this is going to be the longest month of my life!!!!!



    I’m going back to bed y’all, I will talk to u ladies later!



    ryders theres still hope cos its still early…..fingers crossed for u….


    Okay ladies went to a place like Planned Parenthood. The one that I was talking about earlier was closed. I did a pregnancy test there and it came out negative. So I am just going to assume this is my period and I am actually not preggers or we lost the baby. IDK what to think. I did 6 tests at home and ALL came out faint positive. So I honestly dont know what to do now. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanx so much. Please leave it on my page. I will not be on like I was. Having a hard day today.



    Hi lil>>> welcome to the forum. Hopefully its just a little early to test yet and you will get your BFP in the next few days. Good luck!!!



    ttccby been to docs today just took urine sample

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