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    one of our friends who will watch DD for us when we go out is 5 months preggo, i saw her this saturday and just wanted to hug her belly and tell her how jealous i was (a good jealous) but they dont even know we are TTC, nobody does, so i just smiled and told her how wonderful she looked 🙂



    Praying4baby2, You would most likely benefit from a blood test. It sounds similar to my m/c but I hope that its not! I spotted pink and brown for about a week before I woke up cramping and bleeding 🙁 I too kept getting BFN’s. Good luck with the blood test trulyblessed! I am thinking that it will be the BFP you have been waiting for 🙂 -bgscoobyluver welcome to the world of ttc 😀 If you google the name of the drug he is taking with the word fertility it should give you articles. It might benefit you to use ovulation predictor tests. You then count 14 days after you ovulate (a day or two after a positive test) to know when AF is actually due 🙂 that should prevent the false hope. Sorry Ilovechaitea, I opted not to get the mirena so I cant help 🙁



    under pregnancy… next to ‘trying’ and ‘babies’ the things this website are all about…


    kristy i feel u on the heart hurting!! im sorry u cant find answers hun



    sho- i know what you mean, found out today about chemical pregnancy and my sons dentist called and said, dr. lee is expecting! shes really excited but she cant be at work that day, so dr smith is going to do it, hope thats ok… i was like… UGHGHSJFKLDJFLD;AFJLDSKFJLSADJFKLSA



    Congrats ilovechaitea and to all the other bfp’s, h&h pregnancy to you all 🙂 fx for the 2ww’s. My 2ww is now over as af showed her ugly face once again bit this time I am even more determined to get that bfp the next time, so here’s hoping!



    hoping- I didnt know the night of conception. We were trying but I was sick with a cold so I told him he had one shot at it. I didnt think I would be until a few weeks later. But I have heard of people that just knew



    hello ladies! Im new here (well I had an accout with my last two babies, but deleted them) so Im back and TTC again! look forward to chatting and maybe meeting some frieds as I made 2 lifelong friends the last time. Im ovulating just now and bd’d last 3 days and again tonight so we shall see! also not had any contraceptive in the last 3 years so maybe this month could be the month!



    Quick question, ladies…….I usually get a day of almost positive OPKs, a day of completely positive OPKs, and then they go back to negative the next day (which I consider to be the day I O). I had two almost positives yesterday, then today I had a positive at lunch, and then tonight I had a negative. Does that mean that I have already O’d? Or should I consider tomorrow to be O day? Any help would be great!


    thanks INKDOLL….i really hope we are blessed this month and congratz to you!!


    afternoon girls. I woke up twice in the night to pee!!!!!!! crampy on my right side still, kind of dizy when i try to read my small netbook screen. im feeling confident but trying not to get over confident. I had a question for you ladies who use OPK’s……. how often do you ovulate earlier than expected? im hearing a lot of lates and no earlies. I went strictly by CM and we were on the early side…. just wondering.



    i got a bfp today so happy 🙂 suppose to start af the nov 22



    Noelle’s 6 months and has no interest in crawling but she loves standing and to practice walking! :0P



    I guess it’s absolutely impossible for me to concieve while nursing. Oh well, I think it’s time to wean my daughter anyways, as she is almost 2. It’s frustrating sometimes. I thought we’d be far into a pregnancy by now. Things happen when they happen I guess…



    Good Morning Ladies. What a rainy day. Dr thinks I still have to wait for my period one more week before they will check me to see why it hasnt come. Oh well. Im writing all morning so Ill be around!

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