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    well ladies i took a test yesterday and this morning and both were BFN but my af is due today and i went to the bathroom earlier and i wiped and it was brownish pinkish and i havent seen it since so whats going on? ….could it be that my period is about to start but its just starting late or could i be pregnant and took the test to early??help ladies!!



    leah – (just read earlier post) you’re only 10 dpo? that’s early to get a bfp, and you had some last week?? I think the tests last week were bogus, you shouldn’t get a positive that soon, 10 dpo is definitely possible though.



    Also i have no clue how I am going to get schooling done, lol i have been so tired lately, yesterday I took a 2 hr nap, went to bed about 11pm, I am normally up at 7am, but couldn’t stay awaoe after i got my son on the bus. Its 10ammy now and i can’t push myself to get out of bed. Lol….
    LK I def. Send Baby Dust your way!!!!



    ok what do you guys make of this…. my ewcm and ff guesstimated o date don’t line up??? This is my first month charting… I’m 9 months p.p. and still breastfeeding.



    Hello and welcome to any new ladies congrats to any new bfps and gl to those who are waiting to find out! Af is due tomorrow for me although im hoping she doesnt show not going to get too excited though until shes a couple of days late not too sure how long my cycle is atm



    its getting so cold outside! its beeing raining all day too. fall in definitely here!



    Af still hasn’t arrived, tested this am bfn ;( af was due yesterday. CD 25 today….. damn you af for playing with my head!!!!!



    Thank you Christine G, mama lindsey and hoping 3 become 4….I will keep you posted!!!!



    Congrats to all the bfps!!! I decided not to test this morning, thought I would give AF one more day to show her ugly face…still nothing yet! I think I might try in the morning though, even though I was told to wait until I was technically 5 days late. Since I dont know my cycles its hard to know. Darn IUD! haha



    I feel like we made a baby this week! I dont know how..but it just feels like it happened…now all i have to do is wait til I can take a test



    clickinmum: Welcome back 🙂 im in the TWW so i guess youll be there with me 🙂



    tattooedmomma – That is what I am afraid off, that is why I haven’t posted a lot of the ticker I had because if it changes again, I have to go through my page and change everything. I do have an ultra sound next week so I am hoping they can tell me



    Ugh I had brown discharge on my super thin panty liner. Idk if this is my month. AF is due Saturday . I kind of have super slight cramps



    I keep repeating my new mantra… ‘This IS my month, this IS my month, this IS my month!…’ I’m planning on reciting this again and again until I test in a week and get my bfp!



    Akila-n-the-bee, FX! Loveliness girl, I hope u get your bfp! Babycakes, many blessings and congrats with ur BFP!

Viewing 15 posts - 101,146 through 101,160 (of 131,346 total)

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