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    plus maybe you are more attuned to your body this time around. 🙂



    If I’m 3dpo, should I still be cramping?



    Ok so its 3 DPO and I am extremely nauseated and tired, Possible? or completely in my haed


    Congrats stefanier!!! And everyone else why is sorry… Sooo tired and its only 16:37! So pleased for you
    Can people check my baby checklist what I need to buy (on my profile)…. I know I am only 4 weeks and a day but had a boring day and thought had to start somewhere…
    Want to sort out the spare room but I think that’s pushing it and need to wait till I am few months, before moving anything!!!



    don’t worry looked it up and supposedly you can’t in seperate time frames they can be released in the same 24hr period though just got to work out what is going on, so annoying just when I think I have it down pat it changes something. So annoying!


    All you ladies 9 dpo when are yall planning on testing? AF is due on Saturday for me.



    Nothings for sure yet. I was excited for your BFP too! Good luck tomorrow morning. I hope we are in this together.



    Kristy from aus – haa haaaaaa my husband will take it anytime he can get it.



    my CM is all over the place I SWEAR!!! LOL! I mean not literally but…ANYWAYS..EWCM is fertile CM so BD BD BD if you have it!! 🙂



    Megan- for the last 2 years me and my DH haven’t used any type of BC not even pulling out. And I would always roll outta bed right after and clean up. Well the first month we ttc (this month) I decided to prop my hips up on a pillow for about 20 min after. And what do ya know, BFP this month! Not that it actually helped but it def. couldn’t hurt!



    I have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks where my bf PROPOSED!!!! After 15 years together he has finally got a ring on my finger!!! Hopefully wedding plans will take my mind off ttc and it will happen naturally for us! Anyway I cant read back over 2 weeks of post so tell me, has there been any BFP’s??



    ok so I had to find out how many pgs I would have to read to be up to date with everthing since I was last on reg. OMG 106 pages I would have to read since I last knew what was going on with everyone day to day. LOL that is a lot and I noticed a lot of new names too. Crap it sure isn’t a good idea to take a break lol.



    Hello Ladies. Well I got my blood test in and of course it was a BFP as well. I got my first doctor’s appointment on Thursday July 23rd 2009, I was told that they would probabley being doing the first ultrasound, I’m so excited!!!



    AF finally came while I was getting my pedi and facial. Thanks so much AF for ruining my (ME TIME)
    well its CD1 for me and counting. Good thing my DH is out of town till Sunday because I can feel the mood swings coming on. LOL !!



    morning D! 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 10,186 through 10,200 (of 131,346 total)

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