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    jh- dont give up so easy…wait till af is due..then test if she doesnt show up..babydust



    In my first couple of months TTC I was so obsessed with getting that baby that my DH actually told me he felt used haha! Now we take our time and make sure we’re doing it because we enjoy it not just for the baby…plus it helps that I went to a passion party a while back and stocked up on some neat stuff for us 😀



    colletter>>>>I dont think the length of your LMP has inpact on your chances of conceiving.You should be ok hun, but maybe someone else can give you better advise! Best of luck and lots of baby dust!!!



    Thanks for the advise, i’ll try again on sat if I haven’t started my AF. I used a digital yesterday and got a negative.


    ahhhhhhhhh the super swimmers story-thats one of SIL-she claims shes infertile BUT my brother in law made her unfertile as he has super swimmers, rotf lmfao!!



    Thnx jrsully & avasmomma am afraid to test again 2morrow



    CD 37 ladies and no positive OPK. I am hoping somehow we caught the egg anyway or I’m still going to O. DH has now agreed to bd every 3rd day. I haven’t been buggin him at all and it was his idea so I’m definitely down for that!! I didn’t want to stress him out or make him feel pressured. I am not having any pg symptoms at all 🙁 Hope we all get our bfp’s soon. Hope you fell better Di.


    babysofiad – you won’t be alone I will be here :). My first baby is just over two months but I am trying again… starting early b/c my first pregnancy took 2 years and my second one try… so I will be here for a while I am sure. Besides there will always be people trying right?



    Hey weegee…this is my first month of trying ( and trying it has been!!!) lol..I hope we all get our good news soon…



    GatorNay – yes it can change. the period of time after ovulation upto ur period usually stays the same for most women. Stress can effect ovulation occuring



    @Ldybug1752 ~ You know i didnt even think about that! I could have and not even thought about it!! Is there any way i could tell or should i wait it out and wait to see if my mean ol AF shows up and if she dont just keep testing?? I have no signs of AF coming no cramping no bloating nothing sooo…???!!!



    Hey ladies, how is everybody. Any BFP’s today. I know yesterday was full of them!!



    Hey Ladies…Just wanted to check in. I hope you all had a great weekend. FF has me at 5 dpo…I thinking it is more like 3…but who knows…LOL
    I just know I am in the dreaded 2ww. 🙂 Tick Tock Tick Tock!!


    my hubby always tells me ,’if you are preggo now , you will be in a couple days too.’ meaning it doesn’t hurt to wait testing. We don’t always follow our own advice though. hehe



    I’m with u Megan 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 102,391 through 102,405 (of 131,346 total)

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