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    Maddux I want to say congrats!



    yea mommy2.. try that it may work…even if u need to cry a little thats okay too.



    Where’s all the ladies who tested friday? What’s the results.?



    AMW omg congrats!!! Now I’m definitely testing tomorrow lol



    very yummy but I think I have to use butter instead of margarine and the chocolate ripple biscuits instead of marie (they were all i had! lol) but very yummy



    lindsey can you post a pic of it? If there is colour then I would say its a bfp. Maybe even take another one after you hold your pee for a few hours. FX for you! jane fx for you too!



    Yolie, thanks so much for the advice… I haven’t been on the pill for nearly 3 years… Oh i hope it’s a positive sign, lol even though i have only just ovulated!



    Melkoric I know you said your getting tests done but have you tried temping, you can do that at home and atleast that way you know when you have ‘O’d



    Well, my hopes I had earlier today of waiting until Monday to test (7 days late) are gone as I need to know by Friday cause I am supposed to get an xray at the chiropractor. My CP though is lower than what it has been 🙁



    Bambino and babedci – Congratulations!!!!!!!! Very exciting news for you both!



    Question for you guys: My family eats a TON of soy specifically because my oldest is allergic to dairy. Does soy really lower sperm count?



    Hello ladies, Fingers and toes crossed here too for you testing soon!!…. I just wanted to know if anybody using the OPKs have notice a miss in the LH surge as a sign of anovulatory cycle, or there should ALWAYS be an LH surge even if there is no ovulation later… anybody knows? Is CD 17 for me, testing twice a day but no surge yet. Thank you for any advice.


    I’m guessing no one responding means no one has any idea what I am talking about. hmmmmm what could it be????


    Hey ladies. I am new to the TTC forum. With my daughter conceiving seemed so easy, I went off the pill had one regular period and then I was pregnant. This time around it is so much different. I am on my 3rd cycle after getting off the Pill. I’m trying to go by ovulation calendars and having sex regularly every other day, but still no luck. I pray nightly for a fertile womb. It’s in Gods hands but I cant help but be upset each month i get my period. I truly understand how women have been trying for months and even years, my heart goes out to you all. It’s tough when everyone around me is either getting pregnant, already pregnant or giving birth. I was begging my husband since June for another baby (he only ever wanted 1) then one day his whole mind changed and he wanted another baby. (maybe its now that our DD is potty trained!) I’m sorry for going off on a tangent but I don’t really have anyone to talk to since this TTC journey we decided not to tell many people about it, especially not our parents because we want it to be a surprise.



    my tests are still on the way too lol doubt they will be here soon enough

Viewing 15 posts - 102,646 through 102,660 (of 131,346 total)

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