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    Hey anybody in the tww want to test on the 6th? I m looking for support so that I don’t go out and spend a fortune on tests ya dig. LOL



    i just realised that when I rang up about my blood test results the lady was surprised that I was only 5 DPO…..i wonder why?


    I just wanted to thank everyone once again for looking at my OPK….now its time to go catch that eggie:))))))))))) FX AND LOTS OF BABYDUST EVERYONE!!!!



    stainbacks~ thankyou…. i dont think i am going to that doc for a post pardum check up i found a doc that deals with high risk pregnancy i might go to him because the old doc just brings back to many bad memmories and i dont care for him at all….


    i tried posting a pic on the forum but couldnt……can you ladies go to my profile and look at the last pic on my page, the FRER hpt and let me know what you think……….Thx



    Mamachka- I’m on month #17 ttc so I know how you feel. It’s so our turn!!



    Glad you can join us 1mommyto2


    mrsq22tx…..I dont think there is one lady on here that would tell you to wait, are you crazy!! TAKE IT NOW!!!!!!! lol…no really though you should take the test now 🙂



    Hey ladies! I know its been 2 days since my last post. Well I wanted to wait to POAS with taylorttc & lulu99, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Yesterday @ 8 dpo I got my BFP!!!!! I took another test this morning and BFP. Went to doctor’s and they confirmed it. Yayyyy! Its been a long journey, but worth it. Due September 18, 2012. Patience is a virtue! Praying that God blesses your wombs ladies. I will keep coming to check everyone’s updates


    aww that is cute Amalthea



    meee too, i think im either going to tell my hubby on a cake or tell him ive been thinking about halloween this year because last year was really boring and this year i think im going to dress up as a mother of ‘two’ lol



    i’m dreading the bfn, honestly.


    Hello ladies, any new BFP’s this week? I’m currently in my fertile week so I have my 2ww comin up soon!



    Okay, I am just getting frustrated now. I feel that my body is different. I have tried the first response hpts and now the EPT digital hpts. I get BFNs! Should I stick to the line ones? The digitals give a really depressing ‘NOT PREGNANT.’ I hate waiting. I just want to know. I do the first morning test. I promised my DH that I wouldn’t test again until Tuesday, but I want to tomorrow. AHHH!



    Wow, it is quiet in here!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 102,796 through 102,810 (of 131,346 total)

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