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    Who all is on countdowntopregancy? I’ve been on for a bit but have no friends. I’m ashley32 on there too.



    How many dpo are you now? And what were you when you tested?



    LKDream, good luck with the hpts…..but you probably will become an addict lol! Goingfornumber3: lol about your dh! Glad your bleeding has stopped, time to catch that eggy! 😉 good luck everyone, hope several more of us make it on the baby train this month!!! 😉



    so hard trying to wait till tuesday to test for a BFP. i can do this lol. i know if i test too early im gonna get a BFN and be dissappointed so i dont want to test early but i do at the same time. 🙁 last night was my hubbys gmas birthday and i spent the whole day with the in laws. i expected it to be way worse then it was so thats good i guess lol. *baby dust to all TTC



    I stopped bf around 6 months ago (i think). Cycles are still irregular. Anyone who has bf, how long did it take for your cycles to become normal again? I bf for around 9mths.



    mbecker wat is ur cd?



    The best way is lots of sex haha.

    Well I took a target brand + sign test and it looks negative. I think I am 9-10dpo, so maybe still early, idk. I m/c on aug 3, started spotting, then heavy bleeding the 4th. Im not sure when I ovulated,but I had the extra discharge 19-23. I normally have 30day cycles, give or take a couple days. Trying hard to be patient and let nature run its course. I dont really feel pregnant, but I didnt with any of my others either. Heres to hoping 🙂



    Good luck Seansmom!



    Wantsonebad try again in the morning when u first go to the bathroom. Sometimes when you test later in the day it can come out negative especially if you drink a lot of fluids. Good luck!


    sazauk~ Maybe implantation?!!! I will cross my fingers for you!



    Justine- congrats on the pregnancy. How did you manage to keep such a great bust with three kids? any tips?



    thanks LC i hope you get your sticky bean real soon. fallenangel32 what is a ghost line? is that just a really faint line?



    oh lord, i’m not sure if I’m the only woman who has done this sort of thing but please comment if you have cause i feel stupid. I watched a video this guy made of his son, everyday he had a picture of his son..birth to 21 years old. all of the sudden, i started balling my eyes out telling myself i’m a bad mom for not taking my kids pictures all the time. I mean, we all know they grow up so fast, why haven’t i been more diligent about capturing that. I suck..=( I swear, I do not get emotional like this.



    all of a sudden i got really emotional. its been so long already i have like a bad feeling i cant have anymore kids and it hurts. i know i already have a son but it took me about 1 year and 3 months to have him i cant wait that long for baby # 2. this TTC stuff is way harder emotionally then i expected this time around. i dont want to give up yet cause i know it may seem like only 3 months but with the ups and downs its so hard, i think i may be pregnant and then i get a BFN its so hard on me emotionally :0( what should i do?



    I too have been taking prenatal vitamins for three months now and I’ve reduce my alcohol limit down to a light weight Daiquiri with only 5% alcohol in it. I don’t drink often, but I will only have one if going out with friends. I think everyone is testing around the same time. I’m not testing until I for sure no I’ve missed AF. Which should be coming up sometime between the 10th and the 13th. Baby Dust Ladies!!! 😀

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