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    i think thats whats happened??is that still ok,2 days are below the cover line now…eerrrr!!!!



    Kimkayb-i was on depo until last august and we just started ttc…this is my first mobth since being off depo having and ovulation symptoms



    not really he just said maybe its too ewarly to tell but i 14 days late so i dont know



    TTC.our.first Yay we get to be cycle buddies… i am 2 dpo. how many dpo r u??



    Aw Baby1 – try not to get too down about it – you’ll get your BFP!



    our pool too! we tried to take a dip a few days ago…and i felt like i was slipping into a pool of urine…yuck! no more afternoon swims 🙁 gotta go in the morning to enjoy cool water



    have fun at the wedding and ball game ttcbby1!



    How long did it take you ladies to ovulate after stopping the pill? I am cd 13 and no signs of ovulation anytime soon. And a question for all of you… What CD do you usually ovulate on?



    Question to anyone who can answer this. My cycle started Apr 26th and 2day is May 3rd and I’ve had some right-side abdominal pain. Is it possible to be ovulating this soon? I have it down for Saturday/Sunday? anything is possible and I will say my cycle for april and the symtpons were very different from my other cycles, so next time I’m going to ignore some of those symptons or make a note that is happened b4 my april cycle. baby dust to everyone out there



    haha, sorry other donna. i thought you were a different donna lol I hope you get you BFP real soon! Mrs Miller, sorry about the confusion. I hope AF doesnt show babybum, sorry about stupid AF showing. kellyg, guys are sometimes so frustrating. mommykeisha, deffinately possible. fingers crossed for you. katiea, a chemical pregnancy is when a woman gets an early BFP, but then BFNs after. Its basically a really early miscarriage they are more common these days, but only because HPTs are so sensitive. naomi, I hope AF doesnt show. BABY DUST to everyone!


    I am pretty excited about the preseed… My body can’t keep up with my sex drive sometimes… and when baby interrupts we sometimes need some extra help getting back into it.. hehe. so with everyone talking so highly of it I’m glad that when we need a little boost (and even when we don’t) that it will keep the environment friendly for our lil swimmies 😉 hahahahah… sorry I just cracked myself up… ha…


    babydoll76~~ No its no where near my nipple lol. SO idk



    wow what a day. i have been on an emotional rollercoaster forno apparent reason and now feel completely tired!!!! *that maybe from all of the tears i have just cried:( * I think it is just an explosion of emotions from the last 5 weeks


    So my period started Oct 28th, I started the BC pill the 31st. I had unprotected sex numerous days between the 1st of Nov and now. I started cramping bad 3 days ago and have been spotting ever since. I have been very nausious for the past 2 days. Is this from the pill or could I be pregnant?


    so girls dew af today and no sign my temp is still up at 37.1 so i will test tomorro good luck to all you girls

Viewing 15 posts - 103,486 through 103,500 (of 131,346 total)

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