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    welcome erica!


    what dose POAS mean ? sorry



    Hey, just wanted to let anyone know that would like to….I have been tracking periods and much more on for over 3 yrs now and find it so helpful! They also have a pregnancy calender where you can put in all kinds of info on pregnancy if you are pregnant. THey send all kinds of emails (if you set it up) to remind you when your period is due or when your next ovulation is and so much more. I just love that site and it is COMPLETELY private! I keep a little journal on there just for me! anyhoo…thought this would be something I could share with you all! Have a great day



    mommytonatalie, it could be that your urine was more dilute when you tested later, it could also be that your surge was already past (which would mean you Oed within 24 hours or so of when you got the positive). Your BD timing was right, good luck! I know for me, my OPK line drops off quickly once I get a surge.


    Hoping, the one on the bottom looks like a faint line to me! Have you tried with your fmu?



    excitedmom….me and my hubby were supposed to wait until june to TTC but we started trying back in february 🙂


    Blessed7-a big congrats and. Happy 9months. I think I might be out this month cause I got. Pos opk yesterday and I have the flu and my poor dh put his back out. 🙁 I feel ovulation coming right now with slight cramps boo hoo we see if dh is up to BD tonight. Brandy-I feel like this is your month happy bding.



    i think its hard for most men to understand why us women go so crazy whilst ttc i wasnt like this last time and i think thats what p**** him off! he hates the little crazy things we do he even got my drawer that was full of opks and tests and lashed it across the bedroom and all of this was at like 1am wouldnt mind but we live next door to my parents and our bedrooms back on to each other lol



    So i am pretty much convinced that there is no way i can be pregoo. Im 7 days DPO and i dont really feel any symptoms though i didnt with my first one. I guess im just too scared to be let down for a 4th time. Going to hold ot till friday morning to test though. …… And congrats to you Crazy!!!! ENJOY!:)



    lol its normal D 🙂



    Toomany, that would be wonderful if you do have little surprise in there:) FX and GL



    biziemom- OMG I have dreams bout my teeth, like they be fallin out then regrowing or sumthing similar it scares me when i wake up. like wth just happened. what does your consist of?—————————————————————-
    Spunky- I drink coffee only at work tho no where else, cuz i need me a pick me upper every now and then, but i mix it up sumtimes decaf, but mainly regular.



    My temp dropped a little today but cervix is still high with little to no mucus what is going on?



    ahhh wow wanna 🙂 im hopin that bfn turned into a BFP already 😀 good luck to u hun!!!!!



    OPK pos today, BD tonight, realize that if I get preg right now, Easter bunny can bring the pos preg test, 2 wks should be plenty of time for pos HPT, right?? Or tell everyone by bringing a neutral easter basket with neutral baby stuff saying congrats!!! That would be so cute but not getting hopes up that first month will do the trick, expect the worse, hope for the best is my motto.

Viewing 15 posts - 103,531 through 103,545 (of 131,346 total)

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