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    Congrats trying4second



    meliss–tell the doctor you’re not sure how far along you are–they’ll usually do an U/s then. With my son, they wouldn’t do an U/s until 20 wks unless it was medically necessary. I had one with my son at 6 wks–it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever see even though it just looks like a lima bean 🙂


    oooh i would have loved that sarah but they wouldnt even let me walk around as i was on a drip – furthest i could go was the loo & straight back to bed. My back was in agony throughout & i blame the fact that they wouldnt let me walk around coz i still suffer with severe back pain now especially if i sleep flat on it



    ashes i have been reading the same thing. but i def agree with arcticarlz you only hear about the bad because the women who were fine had nothing to blog about. lol.



    They were all FRER. Its hard to get a picture of them because the lines are so faint. 🙁



    How do you use soy isoflavones?



    Christine~Sorry the ugly witch came :((( Damnkat~too funny ‘drowning the egg’ praying for your BFP! Mommytoabi~Chin up girlfriend. I still think you are SO in the game. It only takes that 1 time, and I think the timing on your BD’ing was right on. I think it is def better before O, so keep your chin up. There is a lot to be said for a positive attitude. FX for you. Turtlefur~WOOHOO for all the BD’ing. You followed the rules very well and I would think after all that there would def be some bow-leggedness going on. Good job soldier. Mission accomplished!



    sweet dreams – i cant wait till my head hits the pillow in 3 hrs 🙂



    Man took me all morning to catch up! Congrats to all the bfps….seems like that train is coming around!! Im 10dpo and for the past couple of days, I’ve been have sharp twinges right under my bikini line and breast pains…. Its driving me crazy! Four days until AF is suppose to show, you ladies are not crazy btw, I always check for my edd just to see when I would be due… Welcome new ladies!



    i just bought some preg test and babsal therm from walmart. they are so cheap there. $20 for 2 digital test at cvs and elsewhere but the same rice for 5 at walmart. unbelievable



    lil.pigz…they are! one is a 25mlU clearblue digi…no good till expected AF…the other two are 20 mlU…still too early to test on Friday (which will be 12DPO) I ordered some 10mlU tests like the friggn addict that i am but have no idea when they’ll get here. how long does it take when you order from i’ll use one on Friday if they get here in time…am i obsessing? LOL…yeah don’t answer…i know already



    Mavy, when the OPK and BBT don’t quite match up, just cross you r fingers and hope for the best! If you did not catch it this month, just note the fact you need to BD a little earlier and add a few extra days to your ‘possible fertile window’ just to be sure. hang in there hun!!



    Thanks for your messages everyone 🙂 I am so happy i havent done any housework today – just cant settle!!!! I also could’nt wait to tell hubby, so i called him at work and told him lol he was crying llke a baby and was all embarrassed because his workmates were around him!! Not going to tell our son quite yet, will wait a few weeks for that. Thanks again. xx


    Well i tested last night and two times today and im happy to so i got my BFP! Will go in tomorrow and get blood work done to confirm. Just a bit nervous as i have had 3 MCs. So i hope and pray that this baby bean sticks!



    I sure hope so turtlefur!!! DH and I wrestle around and playfight and today he went for my belly and I flipped on him! The mama bear came out! Now that I know I o’ed its like protect tummy!

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