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    Hey ladies! So AF is due Monday and I am really hoping she doesn’t rear her ugly head this month. I am going to wait until Wednesday to test because I am sick of seeing bfn’s. But heres hoping, I had a dream last night that I got my BFP on a FRER test, so thats what I am going to buy, and I have been having alot of symptoms even when I havent been thinkin about it. Wish me luck and Baby dust to all.



    boyoboy……The brown discharge is old blood



    @ taylor sounds like O’ing to me have you done a hpt to make sure your not pregnant?



    wat about internal feeling? any cramps or belly issues?



    Sorry for the long vent! Gets me irritated thinking about it!



    i know this is nothing 2 do with things, but has john and kate gosslin split up? Those with the 8 kids. I love that program.



    having my own pity party today.. i want it to be my turn to get that bfp..and hold that miracle in my arms.. liking the name faith so much more for a lil girl. as its all ic an do is have faith that we will fall pregnant. dont know wat else to do.. theres so many hints and tips out ther and i need to right them all down and do all at once.. eg vitamins and drinks and supplements and all that… hmmm good idea for a blog so its there whenever i wana see it… anyone with any input feel fre to inbox me wat your doing or taking to get your bfp.. good way to distract my mind..



    bizie, yeah i recommend the date cuz when u get a bfp and look back you will see how teh symptoms lead to it. that’s weird, so this one is keeping you in the breeze.



    congrats amber and teegs!! H/H 9 months to you ladies 🙂 & hope to be joining you both in a few weeks!


    Good Morning Ladies! How is everyone today, Im feeling so tired, but thats it really…. not feeling to pregnant yet….I had such bad MS (morning sickness)with my past pregnancys but so far this time nothing… I like it! Crossing my fingers for a easy 9 months.




    @ kirsty & anyone else who can tell me… on the digital hpts that have the ‘1-2’ etc… what are the numbers for? lol thanks!



    Have I missed any new BFPs? 🙂


    I decided to go ahead and order the FertilAid. I have read alot of positive reviews for it, and should get it sometime the end of next week. Looking forward to this month as i believe i will be staring at a BFP at end of july or at least August:)))



    diane, i read that forum, i did see the variation. my appoint is next wednesday but i dunno if i will get an ultrasound. maybe dr will wait until 4 months if everything is normal. and i thought the ttc process was complicated.

Viewing 15 posts - 103,576 through 103,590 (of 131,346 total)

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