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    CuppycakeMama: I got it taken out last Wednesday and haven’t any sign of having af as of yet. Hopefully it will come back fast 🙂 The Dr. also told me that it is very possible to get pregnant without having a cycle so I guess I’ll just have to play the waiting game for now.



    lol diane @ seamen comment. and trying4third sorry i made you spit your soda lol.



    Hang in there Damnkat, you will have your little bundle soon, I know you will 🙂



    What’s up eeyore?



    Ok so I am ttc. I stoped my bc in Aug and my last period was Aug 30. I have not started my period and is now Oct 3. I dont know how long is my cycle bc I just stopped bc, I have been taking it for 4-5 yrs. I took a pregnancy test Sep 29 and it was neg. I have no symptoms, just been having cramps for about a week like I’m about to start. ??



    Welcome Roseplus1!


    Hi ladies. Feels like we are all standing still waiting!!! QQuick question…how many dpo does a bfp usually show up? I am 9dp0 with a bfn this am. I have on/off very light cramps down there, constipated, and runny nose. Nothing shouting preggo haha. Oh…and for fun I have been testing with my opks still even though i ovulated around sept 28th. Why does it seem to be getting darker again the closer to af? Any ideas?



    ohh just found answers to my q on FF…. should look harder b4 i type! lol



    GL TaylorTTC & and4eva…& whoever is here from my ttc era! Lots & lots of sticky baby dust to you!



    are you still taking it?



    dmmarine- I recently got a runny nose too! So not fun. Along with everything I am feeling like… ugh… I feel like I could just stay in bed for a week! My nausea is starting to come back now… wasn’t feeling it so mch the past 3 days… still headaches, bbs are getting more and more tender… only around the nipples though (which are still shaped weird…sorry if tmi) still twinges of pain in my abdomin (spreading up to the lower part of my rib cage) sore lower back and oh so tired! Testing tomorrow morning…. wish it woould hurry up and get here!


    Ok take a look at the last 2 on my pics page…those are after 12 minutes



    Good morning ladies! 2 DPO ovulation…I hate this 2ww! My gyno told d me to start taking prenatals when I told her that we were going to start trying. I have been on them for 2 months now! Stupid box is messed up



    Wow this day went from bad to worse and is turning around fast. Today is my late mothers bday so to wish her a happy bday I bought a 12 shot fire cracker and set it off at her grave. I know some might think this is wrong but it turned my day around being able to do that. Then when I got home I had to use the ladies room and (sorry if tmi) when I wiped I noticed some CM as I had earlier too. So I think I might be O on my own. I checked my cp and it is raised soft and open.
    Guess this would explaine some of the way I have been feeling and my very bad mood swings I have been having.



    How many DPO were you Brandy!? I hope I am as lucky! Here is the test after it dried a little, not long…. it’s about the same I guess.

Viewing 15 posts - 103,621 through 103,635 (of 131,346 total)

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