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    Justine, when are you planning to test? Il prob test with you =P



    Alicia I don’t think mommy is questioning her pregnancy just her hcg numbers x



    no i was pregnant and due on august 10th, but found out it was a partial mole pregnancy in january and had to have a d&c.. i finally think im emotionally strong enough now to actually get pregnant. ive been so stressed out about getting pregnant i think my body is rejecting it or something lol but i really think im ready now:)



    Congrates baby beautiful. I am on cd 40 am trying to wait usually she showes up around this time!!! however after reading about the BFP i am dying to go and pee on a stick!! The only symptoms that i have are always feeling hungry, have some sore boobs and can’t sleep at night. DD is still awake today she has been on the go for 14 hours i think she got over tired and can’t sleep. Perhaps when she sleeps i will take a test. I wanted to wait untill next sunday to see if AF shows up before but i do not think that i will be able to wait that much.


    texasmamaofgirls – LOL I feel the same way. I was planning on having another baby but now that I have been on TTC I find my self thinking about it all the time!! I cant wait till I egt a chance to take my next test!!



    Loon- I would test but I’m a bit of a test addict! Lol! GL got my fingers crossed for you!



    S. Amos and guynn, thanks. I think I’m going to try right before bed. I haven’t had any nausea yet from them (knock on wood).



    mya2010 have you POAS??


    tarajo – Good luck I have my fingers crossed for you!! Lots of baby dust!!



    jenica no problem! Hope you get your BFP soon!



    lol TBT!! i know what u mean, my belly is so fat its not nice haha people ask me if im preg ALL THE TIME, im like no, u see the 1yr old right? haha i do situps everyday and no improvment, ohh well it was worth it 🙂



    dmmarine my preg have always showed up after af was late so you are def still in the running! redhead i really hope you get the right answers. when do you go to the specialist? the girls might be right and it might not be the quality of your eggs at all. you already have a beautiful LO so some have to be good. by the way i love your hair! my niece has roaring red hair and its beautiful, your daughter is lucky that she inherited it 🙂 xxxx



    thanks duffy 😉 sounds like the best plan yet!?! gotta put it in action hehe HEY COCO!!! 🙂



    I agree, smoking during prgnancy is horrible.. I felt awful when I got prego with DD, I was smoking but then I quit.. Took me till I was 10weeks or so cuz I was scared to quit cold turkey in case I would stress too much and m/c… There’s so many issues that are caused by smoking… Of course there’s plenty of stories that the kid comes out fine but too many others have health issues due to that…my friend did it… Smoked the whole pregnancy and also smoked probably 4-5 joints a day!! :s I didn’t agree with her but she said it was the only way she wouldn’t puke all day ((she had m/s her whole pregnancy, only gained 15pounds and she was only 115pounds)) her baby turned out totally healthy but was born at 38 weeks ( which is still normal and okay )but smoking can cause that too…


    cpalmer – WOW 2 times a day…you are keeping him busy!! LOL

Viewing 15 posts - 103,636 through 103,650 (of 131,346 total)

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