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    @WilliamsonBabies Boooo! I know you haven’t had AF but have you been able to keep track of O? I’m not feeling very lucky this month since we haven’t been trying much and just going with the flow.


    Amanda, i was just reading a few pgs back, are you preggers?



    wannab, I always hold my thermometer close to my body for a moment before I temp with it – or I read my second temp, and not the first reading it gives me! I want to make sure that the temp of the cold plastic of my thermometer is not impacting the reading!



    hey ladies, good evening!! I am glad I am not the only one with a ‘normal’ day! It does sound like fun, doesnt it. Like a dry run for Christmas 🙂



    Thanks, Diane. I am confident that we will both have successful pregnancies this year:) To answer anyone’s questions about the HSG procedure, I had mine done in December. I really didn’t feel anything at all until I was walking out of the hospital. I was crampy for about 15 minutes and that was it. Since the procedure, I have had two chemical pregnancies, which is closer to becoming pregnant than I had gotten for the seven months before that. I must have knocked something loose! Haha.



    Do any of you use temp?



    Memo–Sorry. I think I am going to test on the 3rd, but if I get a BFN I’ll test again with you on the 6th! AF is due by then. 🙂 FD—TWW is KILLING me!!! It’s taking forever!


    Damn flu……….did you get a flu shot…..(Vicki)



    VAL congrats on your BFP.



    Go and test Mileysmommy08 and keep us posted. This weekend was quit a positive one for the bfp.



    Welcome to TTC lovemylove! good luck!



    okay so im still waiting for a temp rise. can it just rise a little bit then drop back down?



    oh yea and i forgot to add i am peeing like 2-3 times a freain hour, its so aggervating!!!!! im so sorry for your bfn mommyx2



    mummy – It’s all good a 3 day variance isn’t uncommon. A lot of women post on hear being 7 days late one month and the next on time. like wanting said whats important is figuring out when you O then go from there.



    Good morning ladies – wow! I had 6 pages to read lol.
    Eeyore – congrats on quitting your job!

    Whitty – You are not alone. I get emotional sometimes when every where I look are pregnant women (even though I too am happy for them).

    Annie – congratulations on your BFP!!! Have a safe and smooth 9 months!!

    Mammaof2 – good luck with your testing!! fingers crossed for you

    Monica9 – good luck in your new job!!!

    Baby dust to everyone!!!!! BDing is going to plan for me but just trying to think of ways to keep it interesting and not just a means to an end.

Viewing 15 posts - 103,816 through 103,830 (of 131,346 total)

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