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    Rach…I’m so happy for your news. It sounds like you have a really good doc that wan’t to help you have a sticky baby in there!


    hey loopy what kind of test did you take



    Whats up ladies! 8DPO 2day



    update for me temps have gone back up I have no idea what that means I am on cd 29 dpo 12 and I am way to nervous to poas just thought if I wait for af it will make it easier for me rather than peeing on a stick and having more disappointment (just the way I feel) longest cycle I have ever had was 30days but ended it in m/c so tomorrow will tell all I suppose feeling crampy and just af – ish so not holding my breathe still.



    hmmmm, it said on ‘hCG should double approximately every 2-3 days’ oh my gosh, yours is rising quickly…….haha maybe you do have twins in there!!! TryingAgain’s twin dust worked????



    Hello ladies! New to the site, trying again. This time it will be #5! Hince the nickname….lol! I had 3 kids with a preivous husband, 1 with my new husband that is a girl. He has a daughter with a previous relationship, so we really want a boy together. He wants to pass the family name, we’ll see. A lloooonnnng history of girls in his family. But whatever the outcome, he or she will certainly be a blessing. This will be my last baby. Kind of bitter-sweet for me.



    I thought it was bad to BD everynight…..I was told to BD every other day so it gives them time to refill!



    Whitty~Popping in from week 10. I think you should just take a digital test. They are so much better and you dont have to worry about your eyes playing tricks on you! I took a digital one with this pregnancy and it wa s5 days before my missed period and it same out positive then I took a regular test and it had a faint line. I could barely see it. But I hope you are!!!



    Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I cant beleive how many pages there is to read.

    Congrats to all the BFP’S. That is just great news.
    I am in the 2ww. My girls when I o’d hurt me. then stopped NOW they hurt again,and a little queezy. BUT I know it all means nothing. Yhsi is so stressfull all of this waiting.
    I hope there are more BFP’S this month



    Diane and JenO – sorry to hear AF showed up. 🙁 I had an OK weekend, but it went by too fast. Some exciting news… my BF told me she was 11 weeks pregnant! Yay! I think she was nervous about telling me since she knows hubby and I are trying. I have to admit I was a little sad for me, but I’m so excited for her. I told I’d be pregnant here pretty soon and then our kids can be playmates. 🙂 She is super sweet and will make an excellent mommy!



    When I wake up tomorrow when I check my BBT if it has not yet dropped then I will POAS. It probably doesn’t make sense I know it can drop if I am or am not preggo it’s just what I decided to do haha it will be my answer to wait or not. I’ll only be 10 dpo AF due Sunday. Good luck Diane hope we both get our BFP’s in the am! Hope you get some sleep tonight too I know I prob won’t lol



    Hello Diane,I agree-been lurking much of this week and its been strangely quiet. Usually it takes me quite long to read everyones comments!!



    Hi ladies, looks like my cycles have gone back to being long.. Cycle day 29, negative hpt and still no period. On the plus side I had a streak of blood in my cm yesterday morning and nothing since so hopefully implantation bleed? I’m gonna wait till Sunday morning to use my last hpt. Based on my cycles before the chem preg in November it should be 34/35 days long. FX for myself and everyone else!



    I keep getting so nauseous all the time for the last few days. Feel really bloated too 🙁 Wonder if i’ve caught sickness bug :S



    ok ladies – here’s the thing….
    I’m feeling REALLY sick today.. .have been a bit nauseated over the past few days and gassy/reflux etc….. no other real symptoms… headaches too – but I get these a lot….
    only 8DPO – tested this morning and no surprises BFN – but I’m feeling so unwell…..
    what are my chances that this is my time???
    FF was not able to detect my O day with my temps… but I did have 2 days of positive OPK’s so have taken it from there…..

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