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    thank you!



    Diane….I guess this is the reason why u use FF as a gudie huh…lol



    Fingers crossed Mummy!



    i am trying to convince myself that I am not pregnant and that I am just having a random cycle. That way if it is BFP it will be a bonus. I dont know why but something tells me that I am not pg, as i got a BFN on last Sunday.



    kacejones- I also was taking those target brand blue dye tests’ , i used fmu and got three positives in a row so i decided to go and get the blood work done, sure as heck, it was sadly a bfn:( that was last week. now last night i started a brownish discharge very spotty and now nothing? i am very confused and sad:( its hard to know whats going on?!



    I’m so sad..just found out my hubby’s sishad a m/c at 13 weeks. 🙁 2 mths ago, my brother’s wife had a stillborn ..I dont know whats going on !? Sorry to be such a downer..I just feel so sad 🙁



    Anyone know if it is safe to TTC imediatly following a HSG? with in a day or two?
    Today my AF started.. next Friday the 9th I will have an HSG to confirm that my tubes did not heal shut after my tubal reversal in April, and I really dont want to skip a month of TTC if I dont have to… but, I also prefer to not have a blue baby!



    SarahD I know how u feel my DD was up until 4 am screaming… her molar is coming in. She still got up at 8:30 am though..I’m so exhausted!



    Hey ladies,
    Have any of u experience change in ur af due to weight gain or weight lost?



    Hi Gorgeous ladies x x x Anyone keeping track of the BFPs this month x



    I need someone’s advise/opinion: AF was due to come today but has not shown up yet…I took a clear blue preg test yest eve & it was negative…is it possible that i could still be prego? my hubby & I were intimate during my fertile window this month so I am keeping my fingers crossed! let me know what you all think! 🙂



    Kristin- sorry to hear you’re having such a sucky day! Butt Paste (actual name) works GREAT for diaper rash, I’ve also used it on Benjamin’s chin when he was a baby because of chapped chin from drooling. If you can let your DD run ‘free’, I’ve done that with Benjamin (he gets really bad diaper rash when he’s teething) but it was over the summer and we went outside incase he decides to pee.



    Been feeling kinda crampy the past few days which is unusual for me….af due on the 22. To nervous to take a test yet though since this is month 10 ttc!! Just dont want to see another BFN



    so AF is a day late, my BBs are sore, I have horrible heart burn and I was really nauseous and tired today. BUT I took a test this morning and it was negative! GRRR!



    Last night i couldn’t sleep worth chit, ugh and i was crying over everytrhing. I don’t now if i ovulated yer and i haven’t been tracking anything. SO the only thing i know is im on CD 11 of a 31 day cycle. So idk if its the wait thats killing me or im just weird lol. Anyone else been like this?

Viewing 15 posts - 104,401 through 104,415 (of 131,346 total)

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