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    hopefulmommy2b chances are the tests they were using there werent as strong as the internet strips and the cb easy digital, i know that FRER, clearblue easy digital and internet strips often detect a lower amount then what they advertise, the other possibility is that perhaps its a chemical pregnancy where the hcg is going down instead of up, have you tested again since the clinic???



    Mmmm fried rice mmm food im hungry now! 30 mins isn’t long at all lc, should get an hour! Haha I am the only person who didn’t want an abortion my whole family wanted me to get one, my mum made me make an appointment and I was crying the hole time. And when the day came I was 12 weeks and refused to get out of bed coz I knew it to late if I didn’t go that day. Every week I would write on abit of paper what my baby was doing and how it had grown and left it on the bench for my mum n step dad to read b4 the went to work so prove that it was a human. But since the 12 week make they’ve never looked back and glad that I didn’t listen to them, even though I never have haha for once it was the right thing.. Aw have a yummy lunch lc. Im ganna have to raid my cupboards now and find something.



    RYDERS~~Hopefully you’ve got all your bases covered!!! Good luck!!!


    Sparky-thanks for your reply, but i am an old pro at this stuff, i test from my trigger shot to see when my hcg actualy is gone….so Im safe to test once it has reached a negative if I desire, believe me at this point I would NEVER set myself up for a false reading. Doctors I find exagerate on dates and times just to be accurate. With IVF they like to test for beta 14 days past retrieval-which is technically 16 dpo….so technically I can test 8 dp transfer and it could possibly show a+, that would mean I could actually test December 18th if I wanted too…..but I wont-been there done that-Ill wait til December 24th! Thanks for thinking of me XX


    3rds a charm: Go get a test! Its been well long enough time. Good luck!!!!!!!!!



    by the way, I am NOT telling my DH about this, due to one of two reactions…..1) he will tell me off for obsessing or 2) he will see it as a sexual act and thing I am up for BDing, when I am soooooo not with this cold!



    hi ladies .. okay so af showed up on 11 th but it only lasted 3 days and it was shorter and lighter than usual …. now i have lower back pain but no other pregnancy symptoms .my period normally last 5-7 days …has anyone ever had this happen to them could i be pregnant …i took a hpt while i was hsving this weird bleeding but it was – , do you guys think i should test again ?



    Hannah, I can see your posts just fine :o) I cant really comment on them , because I graze, or so I have been told.

    Little and often is me, and I seem to keep the weight off quite nicely :o) Everyone at work hates me for it, because they always say I eat all the time and dont put it on, where they are always on diets and dont lose anything.



    A diet higher in magnesium and calcium seems to help make the pH in the vagina more *girl sperm* friendly … this link has more info



    im sorry clayoliver, if i didnt have any kids and was ttc, i honest to god would be complete madwoman, i dont know how some of you ladies have gone through what you have, so i live on a flight path, and i have orderd all the planes to each of you packed with all sorts of types of babydust!



    I just got faint positives last night and this morning! my husband is about to explode trying not to tell everyone but I want to wait a week and see if the lines darken and just be sure. my daughter is 21 months old and i didn’t have any trouble with her pregnancy. should i just let him? also does anyone have advice on how to get cheap medical/prenatal care? we are probably moving from CA to Wisconsin this summer so my husband can work on his Ph.D but he doesn’t make much while going to school. I f you answer on my profile I’ll be sure to see it. Thanks!



    erms – you should be able to call the ‘helpline’ for the manufacturer. I am going to call them if I get a BFN next test. Its simply not acceptable, where is my BFP?????



    im still having trouble believing that i got a BFP yesterday i dont think its hit me yet…prolly cause i dont really have any symptoms…and my 1st dr appt isnt 4 another month and a half…damn i hate kaiser thats the soonest appt available with my doctor…this will be the longest month of my life…i so wish i could at least find out how far along i am and since i havnt had AF in over a year then its impossible for me to tell…im hoping for a baby girl right now i have an 18 mth old baby boy so a girl would be awesome…



    *LOL* Tasha!!!!!!!!!! I love that!*LOL*

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