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    BethQ congrats thats awesome and sperm from 4 days before increases your chance of having a girl cause X sperm live longer but are slower then Y sperm that are faster but die quicker.



    flybear you need the BBT themometer I have tried the normal one just not sensitive enough for it. Good luck



    Crummie- I have an app that I track my daily sleep, nutrition, symptom, medications and that’s how I remember to take my vitamins



    Hello Ladies! I am 8dpo and on CD29 and yesterday I had some white looking stuff on my underwear (TMI) do any of you guys have any ideas??



    I have also been cramping for a few days now, and AF isn’t due for about 4 days. I rarely even cramp during AF, let alone before. But there’s just no way… So frustrating!



    Curtniff, well I sure hope you and hubby get your BFP!! 🙂 When will you be testing?


    I’m back on this site after three years! I had my daughter in 2010. Hoping to get pregnant again. Me and my husband want a son this time.



    HI Mrs.Bolden, hehe, I LOVE the way guys blame things on time of the month. Bless him x



    Ashley, did they do an u/s already to confirm where the embryo has implanted? As for maternity clothes, I would leave a message in the week 7 or 8 forum to see what others at the same stage of pregnancy are experiencing.



    Wow! On one hand lucky you for no AF, I had paragard so I’ve always had it like clockwork. Cant wait to get my bfp so I don’t have to see her every month, but I wouldn’t know how to track of things without it. At least you have been O’ing!! I’m good! My window just closed so now I’m entering the dreaded tww. I was so confident last month because of all the bding (sorry tmi) but this month we stuck with the every other day thing. Not feeling very lucky, but we’ll see. My 18 month old has started seeing a speech therapist once a week so that’s making time pass a lot more quickly. She has always been the quietest little thing but understands everything I say so I’m not worried. And at least she gets a new friend lol. Though it has been emotional since I’m a sahm I feel partly responsible. Ugh anywho no need to go into all my sappy stuff! Sorry for the ramble! I’m looking forward to your next update! My next AF is due march 29th so fingers crossed!!


    Just want to give a shout out to Godsgift who had her embryo transfer yesterday! Lots of babydust….sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle……….



    Hi ladies, have any of you had to take heparin shots before & during pregnancy? I went to my dr today for a follow up on my mc (#3 since Aug). She told me that my chances are slim to sustain a pregnancy without the help of meds. After my daughter was born (& it took 12 years to conceive her) I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that can cause infertility/mc’s. Just wondering if your insurance covered the shots or if that would be something out of pocket. From the research I’ve read, I’d be looking at having to do 2 shots a day prior to getting pg & up until I deliver.



    Mummyto – I don’t know about that but I do know it’s normal to get the wobbles before making final an irreversible decisions. Two friends recently had hubbys snipped and were very emotional about it. I say unless you are 100% sure you are done then postpone it for a while and talk to your dr.





    If AF decides to show here ugly face today this would be a 22 day cycle.

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