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    going crazy during this tww…okay after all of the symptoms i have been having if i am not pregnant then there is something seriously wrong with my body! i dont really have any AF symptoms aside from cramping but thats always only the first 24hrs of AF and thats it,…i have been cramping and sore back for the last couple of days and AF isnt coming until 8th



    ohhh yeah!!! i just hope all this pre seed stuff and the soy iso worked!!!!! cant wait till the end of this month.



    Congrats Val and Klasnaya! AF still a no show here…was due to start yesterday. Ugh! I am too chicken to test but I don’t know if I will make it through the weekend!



    blesseddaily~ it was my 2nd pregnancy my first one i had an abortion… it was an accident and i was 5 weeks along i knew i couldnt bring a little one in the world and give it the life it should of had I regret my decsion today and wish i was smarter back than i feel so bad for everything… but i miss i miss my 2 angels so much… No the doc never said why i have an incompent cervix the test came bak on the baby and the plecenta and everything was a 100 percent perfect…. i miss my angel kicking me….



    So anyone else having a Superbowl party? Hubby and I are not huge football fans (I root for the Eagles usually, but have not followed for years) – but it’s still a good day to get the gang together for some wings, nachos and a laugh! I flipped a coin to see who I would root for, and it looks like the Saints are my team today!



    augustbaby07-have you gone to the docs? liamsmummy- i get that kind of pain when i o and thinking back when i was pg with my daughter i had pain like that at times… how many dpo are you?



    Welcome motherofone!!!!! I hope so!!!! Baby dust to you!!!!!



    Oh I am sooo not getting into the weight discussion! haha. I am too much and I’m only 5’4 1/2 so… yeah :0P haha



    Hey ladies! So my temperatures dropped wayyy below coverline today at 9 DPO – coverline is 36.66 and my temp this morning was 36.4. (Chart link on my page). So either AF is making an early appearance or something else is going on.. dare I think implantation? Temps tomorrow will tell me more.



    blessed..I just read back over posts and I laughed out loud at the sisterhood of the travleing eggs..*L* Way too funny..*L*



    Diane – Sorry to hear about AF. I was having some cramps yest and it almost felt like AF was coming only I’m CD 10 and should be expecting ovulation. I usually don’t have cramping around this time.


    Hey ladies, looking for some input here. My LMP was Oct. 8th. My cycle is usually 29 days long, so I’m about a week late. I got a BFN on pregnancy test, and I feel fine, cept my bb’s are a little tender. My mama says it’s because of stress (I just got married last week), but I wasn’t stressed at all about the wedding. You have to be under serious stress to miss a period, right? I wouldn’t even say I was under mild stress. I was excited! Any thoughts?


    Mommyto3~wow small world I had my Mirena removed on 1/12, had an immediate AF, then a new AF on Feb. 6, this is my BD week as well, I heard BD as much as possible. This is my 4th as well and I’m with you, this is my first time learning about TTC, hopefully this is the month for both of us!!



    You have got to be kidding! I was late starting last month too. I don’t know about testing tomorrow or not yet. I tested everyday this weekend too. This is crazy. It is nice to have someone that is going through this too eventhough we both are anxious


    Lynn mine was d 21 jan $ i have used 3 hpts aready (way b4 time) lol i haven’t tested 2day though.

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