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    That is exactly what he said after the m/c! Are you sure its not the same man???? LOL!

    Ok, so after the m/c, we started having sex again, my doc had said give it 3months to try again, BF said ok. so pulling out swasnt a problem then. I then had Endo, and the op a few weeks back, and we had sex right up until I went in. Last Tues, the consultant gives me the all clear and says we can start as soon as, no need to wait. Great right? BF even said that great news when I told him! This morning is the first time since my op, we have done anything (I have been in too much pain other wise) and he decides he is still going to pull out!


    After 18+mos, I am finally leaving this section…I got my ++++ today!!



    hi ladies how r u doin??? been gone all weekend and man alot sure has happen!!! im still wanting to ttc but the BFing is holding me back… only 3 months left of bfing… so any new bfps over the weekend?



    a huge congrats to you seasonmum…………………..*****hugs******imapepper hand in there..



    Sorry to hear about the BFN. I know all too well what that feels like, but hang in there ladies! Sending you all baby dust.



    CD 13 here…so bored, lol, and have a headache 🙁 Don’t know if it means anything, or it’s unrealated.


    Ooooh…I just read my comment. Okay it sounds like you have a doc that wants to help your dh put a sticky baby in there. LOL


    me and my DH bd 2 and 3 nights before i Oed skipped the night before and BDed 5 hrs AFTER i Oed and i got my BFP this month. it only takes 30 mins for sperm to get to the fallopian tubes



    luteal phase starts after ovulation,, i dont know if that was ur question



    T…I am sorry to hear that. Is it really AF? I thought for sure that I got AF yesterday and if it was AF, it was the shortest one ever…less than an hour. If you got the pink line in the ‘time frame’ it is highly doubtful that it was an evap. BABY786…no congrats yet hun, it is just a faint faint faint, barely there line. I’m optimistic but in my books, it is still a BFN. DONNA…CONGRATS, maybe I’ll be joining you! ONLY, if you read my blogs from last month, one titled 2WW December and then ‘It can happen’ it might give you some hope…just don’t read the ‘Then IT can happen again as well’ cuz that’s just depressing. MILLIE…OMG, you too? I have high hopes for us girl! In my gut, I feel like I am pregnant for the third time in three months :/ and I feel that I had implantation bleeding, which I never had with the last 2 pregnancies, but I did have it with my son…so I have my fingers crossed!



    mrsq…..maybe I should try the OPKs….



    diane taketwo- hi did you read my last post about an hour ago on this forum? your thoughts please x



    good luck to you jffmad



    1mommy=Thanks I was scared for a minute. Congrats!! =)



    Welcome back Blessed, we missed you!
    Hi jtfmad – thanks for your comments on my blog x x Right in the 2ww with ya x

Viewing 15 posts - 105,376 through 105,390 (of 131,346 total)

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