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    haha lmao I made DH buy me some tampons and pads from the supermarket on his way home from work. He was spewing!! We live about 40+km from the shops (about 27 miles). He was like don’t make me do that again, he was only going to the supermarket for more beer and had to put them in the trolley too!!!! hahaha rofl!!!!



    Congrats McNair! 🙂



    i want my af to come



    Brandyleigh- My son says the same thing. He keeps telling me how he wants a lil brother he can play boxing with. It hurts me sometimes because I’ve been trying for over a year now to give him a sibling. He’s also four yrs old. Hopefully I get pregnant really soon! That way he’ll be in kindergarten during the day and home in the afternoon… That way I can atleast sleep then. LOL!



    hello ladies, i am back here after over 2 years of TTC and still nothing. found out i have PCOS, just wonder does anyone else have this.? come add me, i would love some TTC buddies =D baby dust to all *******



    don’t get me wrong i’d love to work part-time but unfortunately i couldn’t get part-time with my position. i like going to work and having my adult time and the best part of my day is picking up ds and him running into my arms!!! i hope one day to not have to work but i have to at this point with our finances etc.



    <<<<< my member name is old lol baby # 2 is almost one year old!


    Oh wow! Excitedmum2b I’m so happy for you!!!!! Now go tell your friend, lol!



    Hey ladies it been a while since ive been on this page and from what i see with all the new ladies most of ya wont know me.

    Hey dawn. Meh im bored, eatting my jelly bellys and getting very fat. Thats just the sweets. lol


    jh1228 sorry I was confusing CD w/dpo…all these abbreviations! I’m CD24 10dpo…probably will test this weekend when my patience wears out!



    maureen_hel – I live near Harrisburg…WOOHOO another PA person. GO STEELERS!



    photojunkie21 — i had a late ov too. I thought I ov’d on 10th or so when hubby and I were quite busy, ya know? Seemed like the rest of cycle was very symptomatic. Breast started getting sore on 15 and by 17th i was sure AF was coming. She didn’t come for another 12 days. REGARDLESS, had WE been ‘TRYING’, we missed the boat with that cycle and thought for sure we nailed earler on the weekend of 9-10-11th. Wierd!


    POAS: Pee on a stick-aholic! That is definetly when you ovulate. Add 14 days from then and you should start AF. If I understand right the luteal phase (which is the stage right after you ovulate until you get your period) Is usually 12-16 days after you ovulate. So you can generally expect AF 14 days after you ovulate. Even for those with crazy long 50 day cycles will usually get AF 14 days after they ovulate.



    If no BFP this cycle I’m buying some more OPK’s for next cycle(not IC’s though, they are crap). This not knowing is driving me crazy. I like to have a rough idea of when to expect AF.



    it’s OFFICIAL.. ijust got back from doctors office.. IM PREGNANT!!! due date oct 6.09 first ultra sound not till May 14!! 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 105,436 through 105,450 (of 131,346 total)

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