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    9 DPO and I have lots of abdominal twinges! SO excited about that. I also have some (by some, I actually mean A LOT) of heartburn, peeing often, and constant hunger.
    Is anybody testing this weekend, sometime? I’d love a testing buddy!!



    meliss – I was teaching when pg with my girls and I would sleep at my desk during my planning period!!



    So I woke up crabby this morning. I so didn’t want to go to work today. I just wanted to send my son to daycare and go back to bed! With that totally positive OPK yesterday I was sure I was going to be able to BD. Turned out that I wore my DH out and he just had no interest to at all. I was so mad and decided nevermind. If it is meant to be it’s meant to be. On a plus side I would have more of a chance to conceive a girl because of having BD’ed before my positive opk. I wish you all a great day, I might pop in later.


    KRISTY: no problem! Thats why its so confusing! If you Oed a week later than expected than the day the blood was drawn may not have come up pos yet. But Im sure a blood test will now and if the numbers are really high you might get a more accurate date..But to be honest Im not real sure. Im not 100% sure of my own because I think I Oed a few days earlier than expected since I used the soy this cycle… Let me know what you find out! I have my medical forms filled out and now I have to wait to get my first appt scheduled…UGH.. How are you feeling? I was worried that my sx had gone for the last couple of days but they are back and not fun to deal with here at work lol!


    @ smashley Aww hun am so sorry to hear your m/c for the 3rd time in a year. You really should get your doctor to look into why it keeps happening. I read your earlier message and thought we where cycle buddys as I am on CD2. AF showed up in full force early yesterday evening 2 days earlier than I expected so am also out for this month. I was about to jeer you up with some ‘come on girl, lets do this together’ banter …but now I just wanna give you a big (((hug))) Look after yourself hun & try and keep your chin up. That little baby will be so precious to you when it sticks xx



    hi ladies. is it beneficial to bd on my ovulation day?


    Hey ladies, seems like I’ve missed some drama, all I can say is that whoever is faking it needs to get a bloody life, seriously, when i was on here pg with my ds there was a guy who seemed really genuine at first, he was asking us all for help on trying to be a.more supportive partner to his pregnant wife, and then a few days into his posts he started getting really nasty saying she was fat and lazy and ended up saying that he wished she lost the baby and that we were all whiney little bitches, awful. I tell u what I was so angry I wanted to throttle him. It just goes to show how sad some people are x



    what were they like before ur pos OPK?



    Ok I am so sad lately. My husband finally started acting like he wanted a baby, and now he wont bd with at all. I am supposed to ovulate tomorrow and he is not interested. I guess this whole baby thing wont be happening 🙁



    Good. Just waiting for af NOT to show up in a week



    I got swollen labia with both and with my last I got a varicose vein that started from right above pubic bone and ran all the way around to the butt on the right side. I had to stop sleeping with underwear on it hurt so bad. Dh tried to be nice but was grossed out by it. So between that and the huge belly sex did not happen much in the third trimester.



    Oh speaking of Harry Potter – my friend has tickets to an advanced screening for hubby and I! I get to see it at 7 PM on the 14th 🙂 I’m such a kid when it comes to Harry Potter!



    i’m confused on what i should do. af was due today. still no show (thank you lord) i tested this afternoon and got a bfn but that could be b/c afternoon test. these bfn are depressing. should i test in the am or wait a couple days unless my cycle is longer this month?



    Maddux SarahD is right you need to relax, I am sure it will work out fine and if you don’t conceive in April will it be a big deal or can you plan for something a little later. Good news on my front ladies had a check up with the doctor all is good still have some blood tests and stuff to do but it is getting closer till we can try again, so excited hopefully it will by my turn soon 🙂 any way congrates to those who got their BFP and for everyone else good luck loads of baby dust. 🙂



    @ jojo I would of loved tea n toast after mine, I must of been the only mum on the ward constantly asking for food, I got one slice of toast before my epidural at 1530 on the Fri then no food until tea time on the sat as soon as I got on the ward I asked for something to eat and they were like you can have a cup of tea I was like ‘what is that it?’ I did feel really sick when they were setting up for my section hubby (then partner)came into me gagging into a sick bowl what a lovely sight I must of been.

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