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    hen what arvo?


    cheers trying – havent had them, seen it on here a few times & ?’d it tho x


    Nyc- I was going to say that if you called an OB/gyn or just OB place then that for me was normal. I called when I first got preggers and told them I was and they told me they would see me at 8 weeks (aka 2 missed periods) because thats when they do the first ultrasound and show u the little peanut. Since you have lost one then that is strange they would make u wait or if its a nornal doc just to confirm the pregnancy that is strange as well. I dont know how long they made everyone else wait or if they took you immediatly but the was the norm for me when I GOT pregnant… of course I complained I was having back pains so I went to the hospital and they did a urine and confirmed it but I never got a blood test boo


    Oooh come on girls its gettin abit negative in here…lets get some coal in this engine and steam into another cycle with a positive atti chooo choood haha If yer on board with me let me hear yer holler haha.. CD3 for me, bring on the BDing am ready to ‘drown that eggy’ this month [email protected]



    welcome autumnmarie! i am so sorry to hear about your loss also! I can’t even imagine…I hope you are very blessed with another BFP soon!!!!

    Well, I think I will ACTUALLY hit the sheets this time..i keep getting distracted by posting job seeking adds, lol. Night ladies and thank you for all the encouraging words!!



    congrats to all the bfps



    hey everyone…’s it all going? CD 19 here and I am now 3DPO YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Tryingfor1More – Those are positives. By any chance did those opk’s come in a maroon package and say clungene brand? I have the same ones and didn’t care for them, so when I got my pos OPK’s this last month, I also peed on those to see a comparison and where my wondfo’s showed a dark line those others were showing faint positive and hard to be sure, like what you have. You show a progression though from no line to faint to no line again. Those tests are just weird like that.



    boyoboy, i swear your pregnant.



    If one is in fact pregnant, what are the chances of seeing a BFP at 10dpo? What test would she need?


    Oh i almost forgot here is some bottled water in baby dust flavor… Pass the bottles on to all who need a little or lots of baby dust 🙂



    WOW!!! This is great! Congrats to all the BFPs!!! I am soo happy and excited for all of you!!! Looks like lots of late February babies for the IAP website!!! I hope, hope, hope me (and many others!) will be joining you guys. I love hearing people are expecting! Love it!!! Good luck for healthy 9 months and healthy little ones!! xoxo



    i found this, it’s not the exact bt i think we can trust nature made



    Jenn- I had that with my second! A tiny bit of brown blood following bd. I was 8 dpo and I am sure I implanted at 6 dpo that time. So yes, it can draw it out so to say.



    sorry typo…BFP!

Viewing 15 posts - 105,616 through 105,630 (of 131,346 total)

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