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    @ britphlps- Im pretty confident i defiantely ovulated yesturday aswell. All my cramping has completely stopped ! Im hopeful seeing we’ve been bd’ing the last 3 nights ! Fingers & toes crossed tight that we both catch that Egg. Keep me updated hun.



    hey eveyrone! ya i am from the 5 week chat… and no one talks on there at all! its sooo boring. but once you get futher along, people start talking. so AMANDA- you got you BFP!!! YAHH!! congrats!



    dmmarine- do you use Fertility Friend?



    I know luvababe – we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, when TTC takes two. While we should never blame ourselves or our partners for not getting pregnant exactly when we expect to, there are measures women AND men can take to help the process! Hubby is great about doing all he can to improve his swimmers. All the sperm building multi-vitamins, exercise, extra water. He’s a good sport! lol



    FX for you mya2010, sounds promising :o) an early HPT maybe able to pick it up now personally I wait til missed AF to test but many people test early. I dont know much about BBT’s so cant help you there



    diane do u answer questions on wiki answers….i came across a very informative answer and it was from a woman named diane just wonderin if t was u. lol



    loon- your right that could have happened – FX for you!



    Eeyore, i get headaches all the time so I think thats why it gave me a headache. Are you prone to headaches? If not maybe your body just has a higher tolerance.


    good morning ladies! I am 12 dpo today and my hpt this am was pos…just not any darker. I thought they were supposed to get darker everyday?



    Frenchie, that’s what I thought…but doubtful. I didn’t even have hardly any noticeable cramping with af this time around. But when I went to my ob, and he did an ultrasound, he showed me the follicle that was going to shed the corpeus luteum. It was crazy bc it looked just like the pics in medical texts. Lol. Dh and I were driving home from dc today, and passed a van w/ a bumper sticker that read, mom of 7. And I give it to u moms with more than 3, but 7…I think I would commit myself to an insane asylum. Lol. So I asked dh, how bout it…u wanna have 7? And he says almost immediately, ‘f*** no’. Lol. Turns out he wants to stop at 2, I thought id be able to at least get 3, but seems 2 is the magic number for him…so when I do conceive it will be our last…



    Ok ladies, I’m trying not to be excited but I cannot help it! Bleeding stopped yesterday, turned to small amount of spotting, today is brown, and I just got ANOTHER BFP with FMU a few minutes ago!! Now I’m forced to wait for my dr’s office to open so I can go for a blood draw and see what’s up, but do you think there’s a chance that my BFP is real and not just residual hcg floating around???



    Hey ladies! Congrats Krissi!! So exciting! H&H 9 months to you! 6DPO for me and not much to report. My nipples have been pretty sore (sorry for TMI) but thats about it!


    ooo haha didnt know that….well haha she will def. be a fun mommy



    apparently 2 days after im bleeding hcg will show up in urine. if my info is correct, i could stand corrected! oh i hope you get your bfp!!! xxx

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