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    Hey ladies! Big discovery at the Canadian dollar store, Dollarama – they now sell OPKs! Pro Care brand. Were they available in the rest of Canada before, and just not Newfoundland? I would not be surprised if that was the case, we usually are later in getting new stuff here, being an island clung on to the east side of Canada 😉



    Abigails Mommy: Thank you so much , I feel like crying that I don’t understand why, I haven’t had a positive OPK. I wish you luck and I know you will.



    Good luck youngmum! BD, BD, BD!!! 8)



    Good morning Ella! And Dawn is doing a terrific cheering job!



    Kim, love the smiley OPK! BDBDBDBD!!


    Well got to get ready for the day, I’m still in my pj’s and it’s almost 10:00. Wow, I am a lazy bum today.



    Well af came again for the second time this month. And I told myself that if I started af we would put ttc on hold and I would go to college. So yesterday af came and I signed up for school. Woo..


    brookesmom, I wont be testing until at least the 20th as I’m averaging over a 30 day cycle, and my last AF was April 18th. We can be POAS buddies!



    Ok, must go do some stuff around the house. The kitchen looks like a disaster zone, and we had heavy rain last night, and the bathroom downstairs has major leaks – need to do some mopping!! Thank goodness the new roof is getting done in August. Ok, back later gators! ***Shake, Shake!!***



    Hoodoogirl- how have you not tested lol I couldn’t go that long without testing! Lol think you should take a test. Fingers crossed for you!!



    Question for you ladies I am on a 10 provera cycle to try and kick my cycle into gear, but in the past I had gotten pregnant after just that no clomid, but I haven’t never gotten a ‘real’ period after my d and c on 3/3/10. So I was wondering if this cycle of provera is enough to remind my ovaries that I can ovulate and has it happened to any of you, as I am hoping and praying it will be the case please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Oh, I also went of of ortho lo for just being on it a week and a half last month and got a ‘period’ I think that is what is or one of the reasons I am not getting pregnant or getting a regular period, thoughts would be apperciated.



    Ladies find the company FertilityPlan on ebay under ovulation test. They are the tests I used, and they supply to NHS (for ladies in UK) Also you can get Preseed cheaper too :o)



    Here is more info on soy and fertility:
    A few studies suggest that high levels of soy protein may decrease fertility. According to a report in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a small number of studies have shown that high levels of soy can increase menstrual cycle length, decrease FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and decrease LH (leutinizing hormone). But we must note that the high levels of soy generating this effect are equivalent to drinking three 12-ounce glasses of soy milk (60 g soy protein equivalent to 45 mg of isoflavones) for a month. However, normally most people do not consume this much soy.

    The American Family Physician magazine stated that up to one-quarter of women with fertility problems may be helped by dietary changes. The researchers state that, since the phytoestrogens in soy products increase the length of the follicular phase and lead to fewer menstrual cycles over a woman’s lifetime, it is possible that soy may decrease fertility in some women. But they also add here that women with multiple risk factors for infertility may be more sensitive to soy than others.



    Hi ladies, how are we all tonight? I pop in and out on this forum every now and then. I have been TTC for about 9 months now and have problems with anovulary cycles, in fact I hardly ever ovulate. Finally been refered by my doctor (told them I’e been TTC for 12 months) to Gyne and have been prescribe clomid! I’m always happy to meet fellow TTCers!!



    This site was definetly glitchy yesterday. For about two hours it wouldnt let me on my profile or the forums. Seems better today. Diane is it possible that if my period ran long that I o about three days after it ended? I swear I o’d. I had o pains ewcm open cervix and an increased sex drive. We bd like crazy because I had been on my period so long lol

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