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    I am 2/3dpo now, at the start of my 2ww. I think i saw this posted a couple of days ago and searched it, and thought it was quite a good read for those in their 2ww.
    Women who have gotten a bfp have recorded their symptoms right through the 2ww. Cool to compare!
    Good luck to everyone ttc/testing this week.



    hummm af due yesterday… no signs of her yet however no signs of pg either. I am clockwork regular so hummmm. I CANT get pg untill july because of insurance reasons. cross your fingers she shows up one more time!



    Hello ladies 🙂 I have a question for u guys. Haas antone ever spotted after having sex? My hubby and I had sex around 3:30 am and now I am spotting. I told him he was being a rough….but I like it sometimes…lol 😉



    Hi Janet!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you still in here? I had to leave for a couple hours to take DD to story time…



    yeah i did it actually went up .03 degrees from yesturday i am confused i thought when your period was to start your temp was to plumit down? I always get get brown spotting before af but usually its more and last month my temp did drop drasticallly the day before i started i don’t know what to think i have to call the doctor today so i guess i will ask the nurse i am sure its just af coming though



    Erika- A chemical pregnancy delays AF for a few days, if it is the case from what I understand you’ll have heavier bleeding, possible clots and cramping. Chin up, AF isn’t here, call your doctor right now and explain what’s going on!



    x-iw ouldnt drink alot then it will be too diluted!



    Janet- I believe the box is pink and says ‘Answer’ on it. There are seven tests in the box and it’s priced at I believe…$11. The nice thing with these is you can use FMU and you only have to test once a day.



    Di-Smiley>>>Thanks for your comment. I think I did need another opinion on what is going on with my chart. I am really annoyed with my temps to be honest. I work shifts so the earliest I sometimes need to get up is 5AM. Because of that I have set my alarm every morning for 5AM, take my temps and go back to sleep. I dont get up at all during the night to go pee or anything, so they should be really accurate. I started checking my temps late last cycle just to get the hang of it but they were nowhere near as up and down as this cycle. We moved home around the time FF showes I O’d so BD timing was really not ideal. So I am just waiting for AF to show now. Dont want to wait anymore!!!



    anne85 i am 8 DPO as well, im going to try and hold out as long as i can, i got my last BFP at 12 DPO



    Hey everyone… I’ve been peeking around the TTC forum for quite a bit because I have been wanting to TTC for a while now (our son is almost 2), but my DH is not on board yet ;( So I’m trying to put my wants on hold and thought I’d come lend my support to all the strong women here and spread some babydust to all! Hopefully I can officially join in the journey soon 🙂



    am 10dpo i tested this morning and it was neg. then i tested again at 6pm



    i hate this waiting already i only had my mirena removed 12 days ago….


    Yeah they dont think things through but I am willing to try lol. Atleast if it works I will have something to do while he is at work. My family seems to be stuck at ‘he is native… therefore he is a drunk abusive…. ‘ fill in the blanks, but he is great he works full time comes home and cleans, cooks, watches the baby so i can take a shower or go out or what have you. He never asks for anything more than what I have time to do for him.



    [email protected] weegee..yes well I have decide dno testing until I am at least one day late. So I have to wait until next week. I am going to try distract myself somehow and resist the urge to buy a HPT!!!

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