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    diane-taketwo: wells is pretty normal I had a m/c in 01/09 and I had a period 4/26/09 but nothing after I had some spotting on 5/25 then nothing then again on thur andthen nothing again its driving me crazy


    PMS kicking in just like my dr told me. More emotional then usual and sore breasts etc.. I warned my hubby about this before I started taking the provera so now he saying things like ‘omg it’s those pills’ lol. Should start AF in around 6-9 days..



    Hey ladies. AF is due tomorrow. I really hope she stays away but I have a feeling she’s coming. Feeling pretty bummed about it too. Hope you’re all doing well.


    Got a faint positive this morning. When should I test again? Would tomorrow morning be too soon to make it anymore definate? AF due Thursday.



    i know a lot of girls named ryan. it’s becoming more popular.


    ryders …yay
    andy..good luck next cycle


    Goodmorning ladies how are all my POAS-aholics doing today? I pretty much throw my hands in the air with the BBT tracking…. the days following ovulation my temps have literaly been all over the place (Im 6dpo today). Anyone else ever had this happen and then got a BFP??? Im pulling for anything LOL



    I am almost 4 days late and still no AF and negative hpt and negative blood test. I have never been this late



    No worries Ready! Good luck x



    eey I’m sori St Gerard patron Saint of Mothers Help us pray so we may be granted Sticky Babies (((((((((HUGS)))))))))



    I have a question. If you get really thick rubbery CM around day 21 of your cycle is that the non fertile progesterone mucus?



    Baby786 I am cd 16 today so 2 dpo if I actually ovulated on cd 14. I dont know that I did but did the bd cd12, 13 and 15 so hopefully even if i o a day or so late I still might catch it!!
    Momof2, congrats !! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!



    Me3-well so far it’s been approximately 24 hours.



    I’m so confused right now. I am now a week late but I’ve had 3 BFN now. My bb are sore, I’ve had cramps off and on all week, I’m super crabby. This is exactly what happened with my last pregnancy. I was 2 weeks late, had 5 BFN before I finally got my BFP. Maybe my HCG levels just run really really low in the beginning?? I just don’t know! I just want to know if I’m pregnant! UGH.



    danah – so sorry for your loss and the BFN. I hope you can focus on the good times you had with him and know he’s no longer in any pain. I send my sympathies 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 106,081 through 106,095 (of 131,346 total)

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