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    gifts..always next month?….good luck



    true tryingfor2 🙂 Orgasm causes the cervix to dip into the deposited semen and draw more of it into the uterus! I don’t always ‘get there’ during BD – but we…ahem… continue… lol – especially when the CM and BBT are indicated the egg is on the move.


    yeah figured we due a visit around the same time, thought you might be testing early too! lol



    post a pic of the test so we can see!!!!!!! we are poas experts!!!!!!!!!!! lol



    I have a lawyer and have a court date for this Friday Nov 5th. Yes I am in the US.. Missouri. They just said that they have no choice but to follow our custody order and I would be placed under arrest for violating a court order. I cant help them from there.. So I turned them over and am basically in fear now.. I just dont know what to do.



    Military mommy – this is the 1st time I ever charted. I had my last Af on 8th March. We BD’d and OPK’d right through my normal ovulation time (CD 17- 18) with no sign of ovulation. It stayed away like some cruel joke, then I miraculously O’d when I ran out of sticks and hubby went away for work on day 30!!!!!! Cruel, cruel, cruel! So I am now on CD 45 and if AF doesn’t come today I don’t know what I will do! Feels like it is a message that we are not ready to TTC after all!. Boo Hooo 🙁



    marieson – how can you wait? i would be dying to test.



    Do you think I should wait to test until tomorrow morning?? I didn’t even think about that.. don’t most pregnancy tests require FMU?



    11 DPO and I am so anxious for this weekend to get here!!! I kind of think I am feeling a few symptoms but then again It could all be in my head LOL



    hey good luk Trying for2- u should test again but in the morning



    crazyf – i’m sure i will get more details from a specialist, but for now I’m trusting in my OB. I was really nervous about taking the 150mg, but it at least seemed to be the only thing to get my progesterone level up. It was 27.7 last month & 18 when tested on CD21 this month. The clomid is cheap, but the progesterone supplements (crinone) cost me $200 for 18 of them (with insurance). Hope you can get preg on the clomid alone!



    Hey Ladies – According to my cycles I should have been ovulating yesterday – but I did check my CP and it was high and firm/closed and no CM. I not sure if I Ovulated early in my cycle when I wasnt checking or if I may be Ovulating later….maybe not even at all. I dont know but my body is certainly trying to catch me out this month LOL. I did do quiet a bit of BDing earlier in my cycle so its possible that if I did O then that I could be preggers. However this leaves me in a bit of a predicament in knowing how many days PO I am or even when to test! Hmmmm. As far as symptoms go my skin has gotten dry and my BBs seem bigger wether they are symptoms of pregnancy who knows!! but I suppose there is still hope!



    jessicalynn21-even if you think you’ve missed your window of opportunity it doesn’t hurt to try!



    CUBBY, that’s one of the first signs..cramping. I had cramping till about 12 weeks off and on. Its your uterus stretching 🙂 Sounds like youre gonna be a momma 🙂



    Hey ladies. I am on CD 25 of 33 day cycles. I am 5 dpo Nauseated, Headaches, Cramping. I hope I get a positive this month!!:) How are all you ladies doing?

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