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    according to ‘my ovulation ticker’ – im supposed to be ovulating in 5 days- whats the gen. rule of thumb of when to BD with DH? bc honestly- my sexdrive hasbeen higher than norm, usually get tired and nauseas by mid-day, but just contribute it to waking at 530am every morning, and prenatals…thanks ladies.



    /i have never expierenced a lp defect, but i am a lil worried that this month my lp will be too short. i have been having 30 day cycles, and now im still getting pos opks on cd b19/20 and that leaves about 10 day lp…soo we will see..


    Hi all I tested again today and still BFN how crap. So wanted it to be positive today on my birthday. According to how I felt I o on the 15 and would therefore be 13 DPO now. According to my chart on here I should have o on the 17 which would now make me 11 DPO. AF due 1st October. Had light smearing of blood earlier when wiping. Very light. May turn into a full blown AF but I’m hoping for inplantation pleasssssseeeeeee



    Hey girls how are you all tonight?!



    Sweetpea – My DH and I have been together for over 15 years and have never had any problems finishing. I think he felt pressure last month (though I tried to make the process as stressfree as possible) and had problems a few times (he would KILL me if he knew I was sharing that…lol!). Meals – sorry to hear about AF, but I’m loving your positive attitude! GL this cycle : ) Ivanbella – congrats and happy and healthy 9 months!!



    sazauk – are you/were you breastfeeding? We started to introduce solids about a month ago but I am still breastfeeding our daughter and haven’t had my period yet, so I’m not even sure I could get pregnant again now if I wanted to. I guess I’ll have to start introducing a bottle so I can get my period again…good luck to you!



    Yep dmmarinewife- if it’s AF then this would be cycle day 1. I’m not quite sure about the BBT stuff because I never tracked mine but I think you take your temp at the same time every day (in the morning when you first wake up and before you get out of bed) ant track the fluctuations. Best of luck to you on your TTC journey 🙂



    morning ladies, man am i beat!!! : / *yawn* how is everyone this fine sunday?? lol question: has anyone ever been prescribed naproxen (OTC version is aleve) and do u think its safe for TTC?? i think it should be right? its just a mild pain reliever….anyhoo im off to lay down bcuz im tired and sore lol leave me a msg on my page, xxxxx



    Mama Bri: I’m glad things are lightening up for you! Kind of had similar situation. Had mc then DH said he didn’t want to try again, I broke down a week later being just depressed and then he basically threw me on the bed to BD. He sad he was sorry and was just feeling too many emotions from the MC and then he went on to make time every other day the week of my O. I can’t take this wait any longer!!!! I want to scream!!! Going to start testing on Saturday. I hate thinking that every cramp, tingle, anything is a sign. I read that your symptoms aren’t suppose to start until implantation and Hcg id produced. Out of my 5 pregnancies I am most anxious to test! This 2ww sucks!



    about an hour. i know too but that confirmation will be awesome lol. i cant stop worrying though



    LiamsMummy- dont count yourself out until af arrives! Sperm can live up to 3-5 days in our bodies and I read sometimes a woman will release a second egg just 12-24 hours within releasing the first one! If you just o’d yesterday the window is prob. still open 🙂


    its like that tacky texture



    It seems early for AF cramps to me but also a little early for implantation. Who knows what is going on.


    ooo. so you’ll be testing soon then. Hope you get a positive! This is my first month of actually ‘Trying’ to conceive. I bought my first digital ovulation test kit and I started taking geritol ( women seem to swear that it helped them get pregnant within two to three months) and im taking folic acid….hopefully all of this will do the trick! I already feel like the geritol is doing me good because its supposed to also help regulate your cycles better and this is the first time ive seemed to have really fertile CM….so that’s a plus



    Thanks operation, I will check that out now! Damnkat, no it’s not horrible… it is uncomfortable but unfortunately the surgery I had done (LEEP) to remove the cells was WAY worse. But that pain only lasted a day or two. I am sure you will be fine.

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