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    Ladies, I have another question…what constitutes CD1? The past couple of cycles I started with extremely light to practically scant bleeding (and it may even completely stop for a day) for a couple of days then on or about the 3rd day it’s super heavy, then tapers off the next day and is completely done by the day after that. So, should I count CD1 at the very first sign of bleeding or when it starts full force.



    Stopping by to wish all testers luck and spread baby dust and sparkles to all of you!! ~*~*Baby~*~*~Baby*~*~*~



    CD 5 and AF seems to be coming to an end! That means we will officially be trying starting this weekend! I know it is early to ovulate only a few days after AF ends but I do not use OPK’s or temp or anything so I just want to cover our bases. I think we will try to just BD every few days from the end of AF until the end of the month! Worked for us with our DS. Good luck ladies!



    FX fingers crossed. Mambri im so sorry love. Possibly a chemical pregnancy? They say you can get pos preg test then AF arrives. Best of luck to you next month love



    Posted today’s test in preg photo book whatso u think



    just went to the bathroom and there was some brown (just a little) when I wiped and now some crapping. I am 7 dpo and on cd 24. Hopefully that was a little sign of implantation…



    Since I’m coming back I want to get to know all the lovely ladies. I’ll start. I’m 23, have 2 boys (ages 6 and 3) and we are ttc for our last baby. I want to have my kids close in age, we have been ttc for 5 months and im currently on cycle day 16 of my 29 day cycle. (The dreaded 2ww) lol


    Good luck seansmom…looking forward to seeing the u/s pics 🙂



    I am not taking prenatal vitamins like I should be. I am actually being bad this week. I had given up coffee and all caffeine during the tww, but since cd1 I am back to drinking 2-3 cups per day. Ugh. However the last almost 8 weeks now, I’ve been doing low carb and exercising every other day and have lost 22lbs!! Yay me! I made a promise to myself after my Chemical at the beginning of June that I needed to get healthy. I have PCOS and I found that most women with this are most likely insulin resistant, and that a low carb diet will help with the hormone issues associated with PCOS. After 8 weeks I feel better than ever!



    B2thy and ria – I’m there too. AF due on Sunday. The wait is killing me. I wonder if being crabby is an early sign of being pregnant because if that’s the case, I am. Or maybe it’s the constant thought in my head…am I or am I not??? Should I drink that coffee? I know it probably won’t make a difference so early in the game (if I am), but I’m one of those freaks who cuts the caffene completely out when pregnant. Good luck to you all!



    @InGodsTime – you are so strong… I couldn’t and I took a HPT with morning urine and a BFN! 🙁 I have two more so Ill just take one tom and the next day (when the AF is due) just for the heck of it but Im sure that Im not pregnant 🙁 🙁 good luck to you and everyone else TTC! **Baby dust**



    Diane take two- Thanks for the info on the cervical position!



    Today is o day according to my bbt chart and my opks! We bd lastnight.. My husband has ed so trying decided to we try again tonight or wait and bd tomorrow. Any thoughts?



    you do know that they are vermin, right? haha



    diana u still in >?

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