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    Hi ladies. I’ve just re joined this site after nearly 4 years. Some of you may remember me ‘Lains’ from Australia. Anyway. I will do a proper introduction in due course. But for now can you check out my one and only photo on my profile and tell me what you think …….. Line?? Faint and white….. Or am I crazy? X



    sitting here crying like a baby. my last result is in al EVERYTHING IS FINE. I am so happy *sob*



    What are your thoughts on the Shettles Method of predicting/choosing the babies gender??? We are getting ready to start the pre-O bding. I wondered if anyone used this method and how successful it was.



    BFN’s SUCK. Theres this forum and i came across a thread where the women were posting all their negative tests LOL i thought it was hilarious! hope u all are having a good day….in case u guys missed it i got a BFN this morning 🙁





    Ever since my m/c in July my periods have been getting shorter and shorter but I thought they had leveled off at 25/26 day cycles.



    has anyone heard of the book Personal Path to pregnancy? im thinking of buyingit but dont want to waste my money on junk. its supposedly tells you tricks and things that hurt getting pregnant and most women get pregnant fast. sounds realy good but id like to know if anyone read it?


    Rach….what dpo did you get your +



    I’m depressed! I don’t know what’s going on…. Just took a test, got a BFN! I’m on CD32…. should I count my self out for this month, or is there still hope? I’m not very familiar with my cycles, or body… sounds dumb I know…. {sigh} I’m really depressed! 🙁



    hoping – I really hope she’s ok, when I miscarried at 6 weeks I have no pain whatsoever and therefor wasn’t too worried till the blood turned red and lasted two days, then went to ER where they confirmed m/c. But then again so many stories of women spotting through healthy pregnancies, so I really hope she is one of the latter.



    Canida, I checked out your pic and it looks a lot like my ghost line last month did… you can check out my pic if you like its on the last page. I took it at 10DPo and was sure it was possitive because it had a pink tinge to it but beta hcg was 0. I have since sworn of FRER (I always use Answer brand but that time I thought I would give it a try) I took an Answer brand test today at 10DPO and it is a true possitive… so beware of the FRER… My suggestion is to test again in a day or so. Good luck and Diane, thanks for thinking of me and remembering my darn ghost line LOL



    tina..5 BFP..I think that we can all do better than that!*L* Not that we aren’t trying!*L* Hopefully we will all be added to that number this month!



    I had a blighted ovum in june of 2003, tried off and on for 2 years and finally went to the dr. I had very low progesterone so they put me on clomid, 3 cycles later got preg, had my first jan ’06, decided I wanted to start trying again august ’06 incase it took a long time… Nope! happend on clomid first cycle, baby #2 may ’07. Then I quit breastfeeding #2, 2 weeks later preg all on my own! december ’08. We want to be done having kids b4 hubby is 30, we’ve been trying for 5 months, and am now back on clomid (this is my 1st cycle on clomid this time) and all my kids are BOYS! There hasnt been a girl in dh family in 50 years! really hoping this is my month so it would still be a fall baby. Ive done the winter baby i’d prefer not, but hey ill take what i can get. I know people think we’re absolutely crazy but we dont care, i love how close they all are!



    OMG! and………..*chants BFP! BFP!*



    Appreciate it Lawwa, but I will have to leave all that babydust for the next tester in line. Just went to the washroom to discover AF is here in full force. I can not explain why it is here so early. There is no way this is implantation or decidual beeding – it is for sure AF. I might be 10 DPO, but even then that is three days shorter than my shortest luteal phase from the past 8 months or so. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Onward and upward ***shake, shake!***

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