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    nicole you could have ovulated late like me i i did a test yesterday an it is a + an it is so faint u can only just see it and im 6-7 days late



    jst noticed ur 2nd msg chas lol! no they’re one step, but i also got mine off ebay….iv heard good things about both one stop & wondfo…..heres hopin they both work eh!! lol



    Okay cervix is high super soft and open. BD time. I think this is the last day of bding. Hubby and I are tired!!!


    omg! LOL I need to get them TOMORROW so I can test. I know its still early but OMG. i have just a feeling… I would LOVE to be pregnant with all you ladies!!!! =)



    Oh love, I would take her to the doctor, she sounds dehydrated, poor thing… have you tried Pedialyte?



    Yippie!!! I think I am going to O on my Left side!!!!! I was worried because I just had HSG done and dye only went up the left side. I was worried because I felt O twinges on my right side earlier today. That would mean I wouldn’t get PG this month right? I hope I am right and I am really going to release an egg on my left ovary! Pleeeaaasssee GOD!!!!!



    today will be day 4 of taking clomid. i have a doctor appointment on the 13th to see how its helping =)



    babydoll how cool would that be to be pg again at the same time!!!!!



    mamacas26 – my frustration comes everytime I know I got another BFN and my emotions are like a roller coaster, I get upset and angry. I turn into a very miserable person. At times I feel like he is not trying and I blame him most of all, I don’t know. I am just crazy


    I know and I can save tests if I’m not lol. Still waiting, I hate being half nakd and waiting. Hurry up doctor grrrr.



    yah, me too, we haven’t even had supper yet, I’m such a slacker today, have a good night C, Have a good day wanna!!! Let us know if you test tomorrow!!


    monstamama– well heres my advice, my DH smokes too and i always beg him to quit but he said its to hard i think were more strong then they are. well heres what my DH did he bop



    Diane- i know. i bought tests this morning.Talked to my doc. She said i could go ahead and test today. My temps dropped big time this morning 🙁



    when is the normail dpo for implantation?


    well after 3 attempts, 2 plasters , a examination couch and a glass of water my first blood test is over

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