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    11am! So early- makes sense why this site is so quite till about an hour before I go home from work. Going to be leaving soon as there is a tube strike in london and took me an 1 1/2 to get from north london where I live to east London where I work! Nightmare- normally about 35mins door to door!



    d-k – that happened with my first I was about 2 weeks late when I got a positive but then last cycle out of the blue I had a 40 days cycle and they’re always 30! So I guess the only thing to do is keep testing every couple of days and wait and if it gets too long see the doctor for a blood test.



    good evening ladies!!! Danah sooo sorry to hear of your dog, we had to do the same to our 12 yr old bulldog when i was 16 bcuz he was in so much pain 🙁 its a terrible feeling but im sure he enjoyed every minute of his life with you 🙂



    Well, I gave in and tested, and it’s a BFN 13DPO…. (although I’m still sat here squinting at the test ‘trying’ to see a line even though I can clearly see there is nothing there!) Why do we put ourselves through this?! I’m guessing I’ll see AF tomorrow…… grrr


    lol thats cpalmer. i sould have guessed that one : )



    Congrats on the BFP’s!! WoopWoop.
    Only..thats what i had ..was for sure it was implantation bleed but the mother load came a few days later ;-(. I’ll say a little prayer for you and baby dust!



    thanks soooooo much are u just gunna take one w/ just tht in it or do they come in like multivitamins? this has been so much help ive been trying to figure out why ive been starting like a week b4 af was due for the past 2 months



    and I’m back…5 weeks and one day pregnant and I am having another miscarriage…here we go again…CD1!



    wow, everyone in here is pretty young



    Clara- I would just say in a very excited tone that you are expecting again. And if the act weird then I would say well if you want to be that way then you dont have to be around… Point Blank!! People piss me off when they try to control how many kids someone has. I say as long as you are providing for those children and giving them all of your love, than who has the right to complain. Best of luck to you Clara and may God Bless your journey.



    nununoodle: what a great idea!!



    Loopylou- Usually you need a prescription. I’ve heard of it being available online (not in the US, but other international pharmaceutal companies), but I wouldn’t recommend it b/c it can be dangerous without a dr or RE monitoring the level of doses.. I’ve never been on it, but that’s what I’ve heard.



    wow, congrats D, hope you have a safe pregnancy!!!!!



    milliesmummy im 10dpo and im still getting bfn so if you think your out this month theres no hope for me lol …you have plenty of time for a bfp dont worry 🙂



    R&NMAMA- Same exact dreams but i wasn’t preggers, so i’m like why me.

Viewing 15 posts - 106,606 through 106,620 (of 131,346 total)

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