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    princess – if you have a hard time finding your cp its in the high position. I am not sure how long it stays up before ovulation, I think it can vary quite a bit. I use cp as a secondary indicator of Ovulation, I don’t trust it on it’s own.



    @ Stacey sorry for your losses and welcome to the forum @ rdmom if in doubt use a digi @ Supermama test again today your HCG levels might not of been high enough 3 days ago, implantion takes place 7-10 DPO and the books say best time to test is day after AF due but you can test from 11 DPO, but read your test box it will give you the accuracy of testing early I know clearblue is like 58% accurate 4 days early. @ Tiffy my DS will of just turn 3 by the time number 2 comes along hopefully, I would of had one sooner but timing wasn’t right, the books say before 2 and after 3 but I know loads of people who have had number 2 when number 1 was in the terrible 2s and have been fine.



    diane – i am jealous, i dont think we can be friends anymore 😉


    just wanted to let all you american ladies know _ Your all soooooo lucky….i went to a sweet shop yesterday and bought a pack of ‘peanut butter M&Ms’ which they dont stock in regular shops in australia and they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also bought a Dr Pepper which i love love love but they only sell in limited places. and then all this american eating made me want a bagel (which again not alot of people eat bagels in aust) with cream cheese……i know this has nothing to do with TTC but it s taking my mind of testing cos im only 9dpo and im really really really tring not to test til 12dpo….(omg just re-read this and i sound like a crazy person!



    i am going to wait to POAS.I have one beautiful littl egirl (18 months) and I do not remember having this icky mouth. hope- in 2010- I hope you get your blessing very soon. It sounds as if there has been many potholes in your fertility road, and I hate that you have had to go through all of that.


    Abi – I need one too!! I look pregnant already!



    Check out my hpt pics see if u can see anything or am i dreaming?


    Lots of ladies O’ing at the moment!! Get BD’ing ladies 🙂 FX for BFPs soon!! 🙂



    cubby, i would say go to the dr to make sure. i had a mc in april and my body has been so weak, it’s really not the same anymore.



    CD 30 12 dpo- little hope of BFP now, I have cramping and lower back pain, I think the witch is going to be visiting me soon 🙁


    Im feeling and looking so bloated right now ugh… I am about 10 to 11 dpo been feelin crampy the last two days so i know that AF is on her way… Oh and i have the sniffles!



    @ marieson fingers crossed for you I had a coloposcy in ’06 and the acutal procedure wasn’t too bad (a bit more of a vigarous smear and a slight sting when they put that solution in) I had a few bleeding problems when the removed what ever they removed but the worst thing for me was it was all on a screen right next to my head, didn’t really want to see what was going on down there. Hope yours goes well today if you get it done make sure you get the blood test done before.



    UGH! i am so frusterated… i am 11 dpo and i have waves of nasuea, which is soooo not like me, because i have a seriously strong stomach … also, i ate chicken and dumplings 4 hrs ago and now im hungry… i want it to be this month but i cannot knock this negative feeling… oh and ALSO i feel totally B*TCHY like O.M.G….. who knows i guess i will know for sure hopefully in the next 5 days



    yep liams…sounds like my implantation bleeding with DD 4 years ago; marieseon, i’m holding out till Friday


    boyoboy~when is your AF due???

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