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    I put a new pic of my chart up debating on testing or not my temp usually falls but now and its still up but I am having alot of period like cramps so i really think af it going to show her face!


    Who else is the tww?? And waiting to test around July 1st?


    Well it’s almost the weekend. AF is due around April 7th, will she come . . . I hope not



    bennab – sounds like you have a good chance, especially if AF is late. Did you ovulate on time this month or was it later? Maybe that pushed your AF due date back. Hopefully not and you really are preggers! I’d just wait a couple days and test again…if you can be that patient! LOL!


    Wantsagirl- is af late?



    C – I bet you look cute with kleenex shoved up your nose 😉



    @ damnkat -> glad to see you back and that dd is doing better. I could not imagine what you were feeling. I have a question of all the ladies who have used OPK with the smile face. I bough some lastnight but have not opened them yet. When is the best time to test? I remember seeing that fmu is not the best for opks. I have been twice since \i have been up. I am nervous to use them, why not sure. Maybe I am worried about how well it will work or not work with having PCOS. As it does say not recommended for people with PCOS and other cond. Maybe I am also nervous that if I am in fact O and we catch the egg that my dream will come true. I know that is what I want so bad but I think having had bfns for so many yrs it is a scary thought of a BFP. I am going to drive myself crazy I know lol. So anyways when is the best time to test?



    trying4: cervix position does not really change into ‘pregnant’ position until around week 6 or 7. Being closed though is a good thing 🙂 Don’t pay too much attention to if it is up or down… the cervix can be a shifty thing after ovulation and is not a good pregnancy indicator! Fingers crossed for a BFP for ya! ***shake that tree***



    @ Trying – your not out til AF shows her ugly face, fingers crossed for baby dust.



    1sttime – is IS very stressful, even if your TTC your 2nd or 3rd. On one hand I love TTC because it’s so exciting knowing there’s the possibility you just conceived. On the other hand I hate it and just can’t wait to get past it. Oh, and I know a lot of the ladies talk about being pee-on-a-stick-aholics…well I’m the total opposite. I HATE it because I don’t want the disappointment.



    Thanks girls will post results when I have them but its early so I’m expecting a bfn but will knw there’s still plenty of time



    well the thing is… i thought my AF came a wk early.. but it was just very very light and only lasted 2 days.. its done now so i thought maybe just maybe that was implantation bleeding…. but it could also be just spotting from getting off bc..? boo i hate thisI!!!! and thanks for the suggestion i will try that next time



    It is 2.24 am and I have been woken up again by DD#1 coughing and spluttering needing ventolin. This seems to be every single morning now. Yesterday it was 2.45am, this morning was 1.45 am. Previously it has been anywhere from 2.30-4.30am. I am just wondering if maybe the ducted heating is what is making her cough/wheeze? Does anyone have ducted heating and it have the same effect on asthmatic kids?



    Hahaha backseat baby sounds so trashy though, doesn’t it? LMAO! JLea – yeah, my SIL was losing her mind with those pregnancy tests. She SO knew she was pregnant! I personally would have gone for a blood test long before then but she just waited it out. No insurance, ya know?


    sunflower im 2 weeks past ovualtion, so dont know if its implantation x

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