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    Well i went to the hospital because i couldn’t stand waiting any longer!! They done blood work and a ultrasound!! I am four weeks and two days pregnant!! My levels were perfect!! They said they were actually a little higher than a four week and two day pregnancy should be which is a wonderful sign!! !! I am so excited !! Congratulations to all the bfps and to the ones in there tww lots of baby dust and i will be praying you all get your bfp this month. The ones who already started af i will be praying you get your bfp next month. I hope and pray everyone of you are pregnant by next month!! Good luck!! next month!! Good luck!!



    Wow Alicia, sorry she’s acting like such a possessive little brat. Really, some girls really have no self respect – how do they expect respect from anyone else. Very sad life she’s setting herself up for.



    Hi girls! I tested with FMU this morning, and I got a very, very, very faint second line! I showed 5 other ladies and they saw the faint second line too. I don’t wana get my hopes u yet cause I’m due with AF in next week somewhere. Last AF started on Oct 22nd. Here’s to hoping AF stays away!!!!!!! Ill test again end of next week.



    TTC- I think you’ll end up with twins! Sorry to hear about your sister though


    Lovemybugz2!!! Congrats!!!



    eeyore- You are never going to be able to not worry about getting pregnant. Its our nature when we want something. But try to relax as much as you can- pamper yourself. This way your body is inviting the baby juice



    It was extremely faint almost non existant but if I really looked hard and held it the right I saw it lol and of coarse after an hr or so it showed up a bit more but I know that part doesn’t count , if it were pink I’d trust it 100%! I’m going to test with fmu and then go get firs response test again with PINK lol … Ahhhhhh!! The suspense !



    hi girls! i had a dream last night that for some reason i was in the hospital (not baby related) and they were doing X-rays and ultrasounds for some reason. i was put under for it all and when i woke up my husband said ‘you are pregnant and it’s a girl’ LOL and i was soooo mad at him for telling me it was a girl b/c i wanted it to be a surprise



    It’s looking like there is going to be plenty of you ladies going into the weeklies as you have just got or about to get your bfps huge congrats I’m jealous lol my time will come though I just need to be patient xxx


    United kindom. 2.42 here on tuesday. Xx



    Bevans – I don’t think so. I think you and I were in the same forum and were preggo at the same time in Sept. I had a loss too.



    So yesterday I was checking my cm and notice just a bit of lightly pink tinged CM not even enough to notice on my panties or toilet paper (Sorry if tmi) and then at like 5am today checked again and just a tiny bit of lightly brown tinged cm and now just completely normally cm no tinge any more the last 2 times I checked. I am 10dpo today so obviously was 9 dpo yesterday my period is due this coming Saturday 10/24. Do you think this was Implantation Bleeding? I also feel a little crampy today but there is now no sign of my period and I still have a lot of cm and usually before period am pretty dry. This will be my second but with my daughter, who just turned 1 Saturday 🙁 I never noticed any Implantation Bleeding???



    Im CD 3 🙁 But where can I get alot of ovulation test strips (that work awesome) Is there a site? also what brand of opks is great?



    Ohh Cherry! Yay for a lovely lutal phase, and maybe a BFP – it’s been that kind of week!



    well AF showed today. 3 days late, but at least she showed. Would explain the negative test. Kinda upset she did arrive as it means we’re still TTC but at least I now have a set answer for this month. 🙁 Guess we’re off to try again for my Feb cycle…

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