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    I think my lh surge is coming! OPKs are getting darker! Not positive yet, but its cd 16 and last month cd16 was positive, and the cycle before that (which was right after a mc, like this month is) they were positive on cd18. Hoping for an exciting new year!



    I love these smiley digital opk’s!! Got my happy face this morning.



    3wouldbeperfect I would say get you some OPK and ones that are easy to read. They cost more but you aren’t questioning them. Also I would temp (get a bbt) and you start temp. When af shows. This way you will see when you O. I O anywhere between 14-20 before af. But I start testing day 10 from first day of af. My cycle are 33-35days if your cycle is shorter you will need to start testing a lot earlier. So with that said, when you see a postive OPK you should O 12 to 48 hrs after but the usual is 24-36hrs. I hope that helps you.



    Samantha, I would toss out that really high temp you had – I think it was off and is throwing off your chart quite a bit. Fluctuating temps is common, and you can still get pregnant – as long as somewhere in the fluctuation there is still an obvious shift in temps that marks ovulaiton. You are pretty regular so I have no doubt you are ovulating every month. Maybe ovulating a little later than you previously thought, but ovulating none the less. Vaginal temps will show less fluctuation, should you need to temp next month. Still hoping for your holiday BFP too 🙂



    Dm- hurry up and get your damn pos OPK! And then hurry up and join me in the weeklies! I always love your comments! Lets make this your month!



    jenny, make sure u get the regular mucinex, not the decongestant (DM) as it dries up mucouses and good luck, i have heard afew success stories with it!



    Only because your at work!! Your Probally thinking what all to with the pineapple! We all know his you are!! Lol just kidding!



    Celest – hope the store isn’t too far away lol!!
    Kayce – that’s odd. How was your ferning today?



    Posted pics of today’s. left is weeks 1-2 from 12 days ago, middle is 1-2 weeks from today, and then there’s the frer. What do you think?



    I took soy last month so these temps might be normal but the soy knocked my temps up. I have heard that soy increases ALL of the symptoms so it also might increase my temps too. Thanks!!!!



    Shame 7thbaby. Nausea is terrible, but such a good sign. I typically have 30 day cycles, but have had 33 and 35 day cycle recently. According to when I started spotting I am on cd21, but if I count from actual heavy bleeding then I am on cd18.


    Hi girls. I’m back on I-A-P as me & my hubby are now trying for baby number 2. I found this site a real support last time around & would like to meet some new friends for friendship, support and advice on the amazing pregnancy journey… If there are any other girls in the same position, please add me. Jojo xx



    Dark – with my recent pregnancy, I thought my period was starting. I remember putting a pad on, and then expecting it to get heavier, but it didn’t. Any light spotting was gone within 2 or 3 days. I was confused. But then I tested a week or so later and got the BFPs. So it could be implantation.

    On another note, it looks like my period could be starting. I don’t think I have ever been so anxious for AF to show. Let’s get this going so I can TTC again!



    Good morning ladies I see that some of you have been waiting hrs to find out what my results are, lol, I think that is so cute. So the moment of truth is here and I want you to know I am thankful for all the support. As you know I was not sure if I O or not this cycle. When I tested this morning as it is only 9:44am right now lol, I got a BF…………………………………………………………………………N no worries that just means today is the start of my meds and a new cycle. Here is to spring brining things to life may it bring me a new life to carry. Also one for my ttc ladies too. GL everyone and baby dust to all.



    Chrissy- I had a lot of cramps/twinges days before I got AF. So you might be getting ready to start. I had thought maybe it was implantation cramps because thats what they felt like but it obviously wasn’t.

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