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    OMG I have been so angry today, I feel like killing someone!!!!! Arrrghhhh!!! My lower back is hurting, my BB are sore, ive got minor cramps and im soo tired!!! AF is due Friday, so could be a sign of her showing her ugly face!! Im still getting this odd feeling like I can’t get a deep breath? Testing again tomorrow morning! Fingers crosses!!



    My weight two years ago was 58kgs at 5ft 9 or 175cm tall! I know weight about 75 kgs ! When i was 58kgs the doctor told me i was underweight for my height i had a BMI of 19 and i was overweight for my age group! My breasts seem to be the only thing getting bigger im shrinking everywhere else



    That’s not even funny Diane! I hate it when the witch shows up early. Save the dust for next month instead.



    Have any of you ladies seen the Dr’s for not having a period? What should I expect? I’m on CD 54 w/BFN last night. I had some spotting CD48-50 but no period!



    Congrats to you too gldy! I hope this is the start of a busy BFP weekend!



    hi all, good morning x



    jacobs-yes the test line has to be as dark or darker then the control line to mean that you are ovulating! once you get that dark 2nd line you will ovulate anywhere from 12 to 48 hurs



    Tara83 – that is fantastic news. Congratulations!!! I wish you a safe and happy 9 months!!!


    I tested earlier around 2:30 this morning and got a very faint line, but when i tested later it came up negative.. 🙁 .. so not sure whas goin on. the onei doneearlier probably lied to me.. just hope i get some good news when i go to drs this afternoon



    thats rude berry, very rude, tell him off,



    Well ladies, looks like I will be in
    here for another month at least. Af is here though only through spotting. I count cd1 only when I fill a pad so I am sure cd1 will officially be starting tomorrow. Wow, on to month 14. Just hope I don’t have to wait until month 26 like last time!



    tina: ask whatever u want! um i do have CM i mean it feels wet when i feel it….and i havent had anymore brown discharge. BBS is my breast sensitivity right? well if it is my boobs feel bigger but they arent really hurting. im tired but i really dont have any other symptoms….i was wondering is sweet smelling urine a sign too? oh and my cervix feels kinda soft



    hey ladies-um my update bout 5days til af due today ive hav pain com and go on my ride side. i had this sort of pain when i was last preg it was a corpus luteum, so if iam not pregs this month i have cysts on my ovaries again yay , not…. the pain kinda gets me excitied but i soo dont want the let down of getting af and not being pregs..



    Good Morning Ladies. I’m sorry to report that the b!tch showed up at my house this morning…doesn’t she know she is NOT welcome anymore? SO you can take me off of the HPT boat this month. Feeling sorry for myself! LOL Hope you all are well and congrats to the BFP’s!!!!



    GL 4Ever!!!

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