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    RainbowRAch- you know so much! Thanks a million.


    Hello Ladies. Today is CD10 and I had some cramping yesterday, does that mean I will ovulate soon? I BD lastnight, I hope I didn’t miss my chance :S



    Good Morning Everyone…..I figured I would say hello since Im new to this site and Im also trying to concieve. This is my first time trying to concieve and its kindof exciting but nerve recking at the same time for me. Im 25 and from reading up on all this charting and cervical fluids stuff I thought you could get pregnant at any time not just 1 week out of the month. Im very excited tho. According to the calendar I was supposed to get my period 2day, so hopefully it doesnt show up, but I have a feeling its not that simple…..Weve only been trying for 3 months now. I wake up twice at night everynight to pee and Im tired all the time, and my breasts are tender, but not to bad. Who knows I just hope we did it this time. Im also supposed to test 2day, but I will test 2marrow morning when I first wake up.

    Baby Dust To You All


    wow i can’t believe all the BFP’s and oct babies… congrats to everyone lately



    Hi Blessed, thats pretty much what I do. I popped on this weekend but its the first time I have ever done that. When my DH is here, he gets all of my attention 😉



    Thanks for the welcome Diane! It is lots of craziness around here. 4 kids already, my older 3 are all in softball/baseball. Plus I take care of my mother who has MS, but I love my life and I am blessed to not have to work. First time ever. I had to go back to work with my older 3 after 4 weeks.



    I just had an idea……Cant we use one of those blood testing things that diabetics use? Im sure theres a reading that would tell you that your preggo…….Is that possible? I wonder……



    Whitty~ LOL, and dont even think about looking at that thing AFTER 10 min. I have found if I keep going back looking later on in the day I start to get confused with the look of the line like if its a evap line or positive. If you doubt it, read it at 10 min. and throw it in the trash and DONT get it out. Try again in the morning.



    Goodluck aubbalways, your so young and beautiful im sure use will explore eachother and not need any help just have sex as often as you can and you should fall pregnant .. Congrats s.amos! Did u do anything different this month?? Well im off to bed just got a massage and bd . And can’t wait to see what my temp is tomorrow . Night



    So I wasa in A& E on friday nite with chest pains and they asked for a urine sample and took some blood. Anyway, when I saw the emergency room doctor, he was thking about having an x-ray done and while going thru my notes, he went like,’well, you are not pregnant’!!
    That was actually not the way I wanted to find that out so once again,on to another month for me even though AF is not here -cd27



    Well we had our appointment with the fertility doctor today and it went as well as it could. They are doing all the pre-tests and an ultrasound in twelve days to rule out any major problems.I left feeling like a hopeful lab rat-haha.



    Well ladies,,,,,I woke up at 6 this morning to go to the bathroom and wiped and there it was. AF, normally when I start, I spot brownish for at least 4 days then my cycle starts. No go today. Bright red, however, I went back to bed, woke up at 9:30 and haven’t had a thing since. So I’m not sure. I am sure, my luck, it’s AF. But I did do this with my 3rd pregnancy. I thought I started, it went away and a couple days later I tested positive. So who knows. I am not holding my breath. If I’m not pregnant now, or by the end of May, then I am going to have to shelf it for about 6 months. I have 3 Feb birthdays, 1 April Birthday, and 1 June Birthday, so I really wanted to land somewhere between October and December. If I’m not this month, then maybe I’ll get a Christmas baby and I’m cool with that…..Here’s hoping for a BFP for me and all of you!!!!


    I think Ill just jump in here..I want to say my cm this last cycle was more watery than ewcm so it MUST be just as fertile! To our military wives and girlfriends: Im the dd of an Army/Airforce Special Forces in Veitnam and stationed in Germany Dad, the granddd to a Naval officer and to a Marine, niece to a Green Beret also sent to Vietnam, SIL to 2 that are in the Navy at this time, and the proud mom to a 14yo ds who will join when hes 17. I appreciate and respect the choices made by the men in my family and the men your lives. Dont be ashamed to cry but know you have support where ever you turn! Soy in Canada: Try your local drug store or even one that sells herbal vitamin supplements. Good luck to those Oing and about to start their own round of soy! Hope Af makes a speedy exit to those having to put up with her fat *ss!!! I dont know if I missed anyone-sorry if I did!



    Clara–I almost always have 2 lines, but from what I know, they will get dark fast. A lot of these ladies test 2-3 times a day. Good luck!!



    carnation – I am so very happy for you. I really hope this pregnancy goes well and you keep happy and healthy. I am so pleased to hear you got your BFP. I will be thinking of you this time. Congratulations x

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