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    Mocca- mines light crampy feelings in lower stomach, and a few pains down below. Also had a day of pain in my back, again like cramps. FX for you Hun!!


    Afternoon ladies any BFPs today ?



    Mom2aidan…ugh…my exMIL was a meddler & ohhh how it annoyed me! Hope you can keep her out of such a personal endeavor



    tiffyy – GOOD LUCK!! 🙂 I hope AF stays far far away! 🙂



    Good Morning Ladies
    1DPO, so my 2ww starts right here… tick-tok-tick-tok. I got myself really stressed yesterday, as I had all the signs of O however the OPK tests did not detect anything, they were the cheapos from Amazon, and I have been using them 2x a day for the past 10 days. DO NOT BUY THEM THEY ARE RUBBISH! (Can anyone confirm why you should wait for the urine to be room temperature on these?! That may be why I did not get any results-) Luckily I have been tracking my BBT & CM and YES, I had a hike in temperature this morning after yesterday’s dip! HURRAY! Rant over. (Hopefully we’ve drowned that egg!) So sorry @DeaS, may the next month be yours. @boyOboy I would also like to know about the EWCM does that mean you’re about to ovulate or you are ovulating, hope someone can help us here…maybe @turtlefur??? @LKDream, hope you get well soon honey! Have a great day all :o) May those BFPs roll in soon ~*~*~Baby dust to all~*~*~



    Thanks Diane. I bought 1,000 mg capsules and they say take 3 times a day. Does 3,000 mg sound like too much?


    Well i hope AF shows up for you right so you can stop being so confused. I know how you feel. GL and lots of babydust!! !:)



    Perfecto! Ok, gone to sleep! Zzzzz ***shake, shake***



    I’ll be testing this weekend…(Soooo wishing for good news on Fathers day!) FX everyone, let’s start that BFP train!! ~*~*~ Baby dust everyone ~*~*~



    I got a new type of HPT to see if this one is positive. I used Fact Plus but I hear they have more false positives, but the one I took today came up within 1 minute so I think this one is good. I’m so nervous for tomorrow morning I can’t even sleep



    Pink – Good luck with your DS’s surgery. I hope everything goes smoothly! I am going to buy some OPK’s today. Never taken them before but i have read alot about them lately. So once I get a pos OPK I should try the day after right?



    We BD’d on sunday, and I’ve had more CM than normal the past two days, but have been working nights so things have not worked out so well in the last two days to BD



    Hey lovely ladies just sharing St Jude patron Saint of the impossible and St Gerard patron Saint of mothers and families to help us in our prayers. Stay blessed and Baby dust to you all xxxx ((((Hugggs)))).


    congrats baby beautiful!!!!!!!!!! hubby and i just got married 5 months ago….its a lot of work LOL… and yes there’s been a ton of BFPs



    Lol toomanyyrs, id say not! I keep my phone battery low at all the times I check iap a day! Lol when I am gone a few hrs I have pages to read to catch up! I like this forum tho I have made many friends and its nice, I don’t have many now that I am all grown up as I did back in the day and the ones I do have are busy so its nice having people to talk to especially in the same boat as me!

Viewing 15 posts - 10,696 through 10,710 (of 131,346 total)

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