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    10 dpiui-BFN ;-( cramps have arrived!


    My fave has to be baby batter !



    damnkat, you are a very strong and forgiving woman to stay with your man, something i was unable to do. Even after the divorce, and a grieving proccess, i still has tons of hate,anger and resentment towards him, i wanted to punch his lights out whenever we exchanged the kids. It was bad enough that my current DH would not propose until i let it go; he could see the uglyness inside. I did a lot of praying and soul seeking and met with the ex and we talked and as weird as it sounds it was great. I knew what I had to do to get ‘peace’ was to tell him out loud that I forgave him, I did and it was a weight lifted off my shoulder. We now meet with the kids 4 years later and no urge for a boxing match. Don’t get me wrong it still hurts at times and I think that it always will to some extent even though I am happily married. Hang in there.



    u have great patience saza 😉 lol i have hpts from last month but im gettin hubby to hide them once i get to 2ww so i will forget i have them 🙂



    last cycle i was 5 days late.



    Very sorry for your loss Danah.



    @crazym-sorry for the loss…@coco i try not to test until i am late or at least the day i am due for af. i have done the testing too early and i have beaten myself up that i am no PG however i think it is just best now for sanity reasons to test later rather then sooner..good luck babydust..





    only- what cd did you get your pos opk?



    Princess, most sites I’ve read up on about BBT state at least three hours of unbroken sleep are needed to get an accurate BBT. The key is to take the temp at the same time each morning before you get out of bed. I used to keep my thermometer next to my bed on the bedside table – just sweep my hand up (sometimes still half asleep) and take my temp before dozing off again 🙂


    ref..omg really? have you asked a dr way so many MC? xx



    i’m like teh oldest one in here… huuu



    YAYAYAYA!! 1DPO for me today. Darn this 2WW LOL



    I also made them for the grand parents and put that they were invited to the birth of their first grand child. Of course, my mom cried for hours.



    So if cervical mucus is now dry and tacky does that mean that I am definitely past ovulation also cervix feels like its tilted back like hiding and hard.

Viewing 15 posts - 107,116 through 107,130 (of 131,346 total)

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